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Ch-32 : Vacation (Novel-Zero)

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This Novel in English

John’s car was racing, but his thoughts were overriding it. John was driving the car and Anjeni was sitting beside him. Though she was with John she felt lonely, because John was somewhere else mentally. Slowly they left behind the main portion of the city; still some houses, sparsely spread, were visible through the window. Later on, they also disappeared. Now the vehicle was running through the land, which was surrounded by greenery around. Anjeni looked at John; still he was immersed in his thoughts.

“ You are sitting beside me, but it seems you are still stuck up with the murder case” Anjeni said.
Listening her, he came out of thoughts.

“ Yes.. I mean ...No... It's not like that” He said in confusion.

“ I understand that whatever your boss has done with you is not correct. But then we don’t have the control over the things happening with us. See... in my case ... what the destiny has done with me is not correct” She remembered of Sani.

He looked at her tenderly, not to know what to talk and how to console her.
Suddenly they heard the voice of water flowing thought rocks.

“ There must be waterfall around” He said, trying to change the subject.

“ Look ... there it is!” Anjeni said with enthusiasm, coming out of the shadow of the grief.

The shades of innocence crept over her face.
Pure, transparent, dancing water was flowing through the roughness of the rocks.

“ Wow ... what a beauty!” John could not stop saying.

“ How relevant it is with human life” She said, again allowing grief to take control of her.

“ How?” John asked.

John felt guilty and responsible for the unhappy moments, she is remembering through. If I would have not immersed so deeply into my thoughts, she would not have felt so lonely.
To help her overcome from the bad memories, he tried to converse as much as possible with her.

“ Once the water falls as rain, its lifecycle starts. Then there is no end to its lifecycle unless it meets again to the sea. Even if it decides to stop, it is not in its control.” Anjeni said philosophically.

“ Hey look at those spring bugs ... How they are jumping” John said, indicating outside the window.

On John’s side, a large group of spring bugs was running and jumping, probably disturbed with the noise of their vehicle.

“ How sweet!” Words came out of Anjeni’s mouth.

Her eyes were shining with childlike happiness.
By this time the vehicle marched further leaving the spring bugs behind. Anjeni was looking behind thought the rear window till they disappeared.

“ Our cottage also must be on the bank of this river” John said.

“ What? ... We have river there too!” She said happily.

“ Yes... I heard him saying so” John said.

Continued …

Original Novel by Sunil Doiphode
English Version by Mugdha Apte 

This Novel in English

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