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Ch-35 : Four hours (Novel-Zero)

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This Novel in English

Now it was night. Both prepared the dinner and arranged all dishes on the dining table. John switched off the lights and lit the candles. Both sat across, fondly staring at each other, in the dim light of the candles. The dinner dishes were still untouched, as they never felt like hungry. Their hunger and thirst was gone. Suddenly she realized that again Johns face was gloomed with worry and he was immersed in some thoughts.

“ Hello..” she snapped her fingers in front of him.

“ What are you worrying about?” She asked.

“ How much it will take to go to city from here?” He asked, coming out of his thoughts.

“ May be around one to two hours.. Why.. Why did you ask that?” She asked.

“ Please.. Can you give me four hours?”

“ For what?”

“ I got to go for an important job... two hours for going and two hours for coming ... it will hardly take four hours” He said reading her reaction.

Her cheerful face gloomed.

“ Please.. don’t say no” he insisted.

“ Is it necessary?” She asked.

“ Yes.. Its very much important” He said.

“ But what is it, for which you want to go?” She asked.

“ I can’t tell you now, but I will share with you definitely once I come back” He got up, smiled, not to completely ruin her mood.

Before she could say anything he darted out too. When she went to the window, he was going to the car. He stopped at the car, turned to look at her.

“ Don’t worry... I will come back soon” He said loudly, so that she could hear, while sitting in the
driving seat.

‘knock’ he slammed the door. Her heart started pounding. He started the vehicle and said ‘bye’ from the window. As he drove away, the gloominess crept over her face again. May it be for four hours, she was not sure how to pass those four hours without him, and that too at such a lonely and calm place?

Why would he have gone?

Or he would also left her alone in the midway? Sani

Thousand of thoughts were striking her now.

Continued …

Original Novel by Sunil Doiphode
English Version by Mugdha Apte 

This Novel in English

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