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Ch-37 : Full moon Night (Novel-Zero)

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It was past mid night. Outside, the full moon was on its peak and spreading the white milky light all over. The dim light of the moon and the melodious sound of the flowing water were perfect for the romantic environment in the bedroom. Both were lying on the bed and John's fingers were playing with Anjeni's smooth body. As his hand, while playing with her body, tried to slip down, Anjeni hold it with a naughty smile, '' Was it so important to bring a ring so hurriedly?'' She said pretending to ignore his intention.

" You know... we can't stop the passing time... but we should take care that the time in our hand should not be wasted'' He pulled her in his tight embrace.

" I see'' She pushed him away, smiled naughtily.

He advanced again to catch her. As she got down the bed to go away from his reach, he also got down to catch her. Now she was giggling and running around the room and John was right behind her. At last she ran up the stairs towards the terrace. John also followed her. When she reached the open terrace she was moved to see the beautiful twinkling stars above and white, milky light of the moon. The melodious sound of the flowing water was adding more beauty to the scene.

" Look ... how beautiful the shining flowing water is looking in the moon light" She said.

By this time, John came from behind and pulled her in his tight hug, " But definitely not as beautiful as you"

He started passionately playing with the back of her long neck with his eager lips. He turned her around to bring her face in front of him and holding her firmly, he rested his warm lips on hers.
Now she too started passionately responding him.
He took aside her long hair from her back to untie her top lace.
Anjeni started unbuttoning his shirt playing with his chest hair. Now both were feeling the warmth and the moisture of each other's breath.

" John I love you very much" the words came out from her shuddering lips.

" I too" He said and gently made her to lie on the floor on the clothes, they had just removed.

Now both were without cloths and embraced to each other passionately. In the white milky light of the moon, in the melody of the music of the flowing water, responding to each other's eager feelings, they were filling the different colors of love in their romance.

Continued …

Original Novel by Sunil Doiphode
English Version by Mugdha Apte

This Novel in English

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