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Ch-38 : Detective’s call (Novel-Zero)

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They slept on the terrace, holding each other tightly, to protect from the cold. Anjeni woke up, as she heard the chirping sound of the birds at husky dawn. She squinted her eyes; it was morning, time to get up. While wearing her clothes she gently shook John, " John get up... its morning"

" Umm... " John yawned and pulled her again.

She released herself from him and wore her clothes. Again she shook her, this time little sturdily. John woke up, looked around with his squinted eyes and again slept keeping his head on her lap. She smiled moving her fingers through his hair. Suddenly they realized that mobile was ringing downstairs in the room.

" John .. seems its your mobile"

It was first time the mobile rang after they came here. He got up abruptly. Wearing his clothes he darted downstairs, she too followed him.

yes it was John's mobile..

John picked it up, looked at the display. It was Detective Alex.

Alex...So early in the morning?...

Quickly he attended it, " Yes Alex"

" John there is a good news" the voice came from other side.

Suddenly there was some disturbance in the mobile signal. Nothing could be heard.

" Hello... hello" John tried.

" Hello.." the response came from other side.

" Yes ... What's the news?" John asked.

" We got his where abouts... Better you come quickly..." Before he could finish some garbage noises could be heard and after some time nothing could be heard.

" hello.. hello..." John tried.

He looked at his mobile display, to find that the signal was gone.
Probably since this place was too far from the city, there were very weak signals..

" What's the matter? Whose phone is it?" Anjeni asked.

He went to the balcony to try if he gets the signal, but it didn't.

" Anjee come on, get ready fast ... we need to leave immediately for the city" Jonh said while going up through the stairs. Anjeni too followed him not knowing what exactly he was up to. The mobile didn't catch signal on the terrace too.

" It was Alex's call.. It seems he got some important information about the killer... but the signal went in between" John said showing her the mobile display.

Continued …

Original Novel by Sunil Doiphode
English Version by Mugdha Apte 

This Novel in English

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