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Ch-39 : Interruption in the vacation (Novel-Zero)

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This Novel in English

John was driving the car and Anjeni was sitting beside him, both quite, looking straight at the road.

Breaking the unnatural silence John said, “ Didn’t I tell you?... this murder case is still not finished”

Anjeni looked at him.

“ Killer is still moving freely around in the city” John continued.

“ Then Who he was, the one who died ?” Anjeni asked.

“ So many possibilities..” John said averting his eyes for a while from the road.

“ like?’’ she asked.

“ Firstly it is possible that the one who died is no way related to the murder... Secondly he could be
killer’s associate... Or just a member of the association responsible for these murders...” John said.

“ But what Alex wanted to tell you?” Anjeni enquired.

“ Will you check whether my mobile has got signal or not?” John asked striking the thought of their conversation.

“ Your mobile?” Anjeni asked perplexed.

John gestured with his eyes towards his overcoat kept next to Anjeni.
Anjeni took the overcoat, removed mobile from the pocket and checked the display.

“ Ya.. now quite clear signal ... wait I will try him”

Anjeni pressed few buttons with her delicate long fingers and tried Alex. John was glancing in between with curiosity.
She removed the mobile from her ear and redialed.

“ What’s wrong?” asked John.

“ His mobile is switched off ... it seems” She tried again.

She tried after some time but again the same message, “The mobile you are trying is switched off, please try after some time”

“ It seems he has switched off his mobile” Anjeni handed over the mobile to John.

John also tried 2-3 times but in vain.

“ I think, He must have switched it off purposely” John pocketed the instrument.

“ Purposely? ... but why?” Anjeni asked in puzzle.

“ May be he fears of his conversation gets tapped” John revealed the possibility.

“ Now there is only one way... To meet him.. Then only we will come to know the truth” Anjeni said.

John said nothing, just concentrated on the driving, looking straight ahead on the road. Anjeni also got immersed in her thoughts, while looking ahead on the road.

Continued …

Original Novel by Sunil Doiphode
English Version by Mugdha Apte 

This Novel in English

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