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Ch-41: Sudden encounter with media (Novel-Zero)

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As John got down the car to go to Niyole’s apartment, press correspondents surrounded him.

“ Mr. John... As you said the killer is dead... and the case is closed ... how will you comment on this” A reporter jumped from the crowd right in front of him, his clothes and hair messed.

John was already surrounded except the path ahead, now this one has blocked his way too.
Now it is important to answer something to calm down these press people. John thought. But exactly what to say, he was not getting.

“ Let me first investigate the case” John tried to escape from them, pushing aside the one who came in the way.

“ Sir you can’t just ignore us this way” one of them shouted.

“ Yes.. yes” others also joined him.

They all were going out of control now. John stopped abruptly; turned around, looked at them. They all were angrily looking at him as if ready to tear him. John's face faded; as he knew that it was police's fault. Now it was necessary to calm down the press people, giving some explanation.
Cameras were flashing on him which baffled him more. With great difficulty, his subordinates were holding back the media people.

" After this investigation, in the evening I am calling press conference... there, I will reveal all details" Somehow John managed to speak, turned and walked speedily towards the apartment.

Media was calmed down, may be for the time being. John was surprised of himself, how did he manage to speak.
It was true that he talked about the press conference, but he was not sure what he was going to tell them in the evening.

At least they are calmed down for now,... What to talk in the evening could be dealt at that time...

He entered the elevator. As the elevator door closed he pressed the number 10 button.

Continued …

Original Novel by Sunil Doiphode
English Version by Mugdha Apte

This Novel in English

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