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Ch-42: Who invented Zero? (Novel-Zero)

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After coming out of the lift John started to go to flat no.3. Spectators gathered around the door, some of them were reporters also. The police standing there seemed to be dizzy. As they saw John, they came into action, started to drift people  and the reporters away. As the reporters saw John, they stepped forward to question him, blocking his way. The police standing there and the police who accompanied him pushed them aside to make way for John. John went straight in.

In the hall the investigation team was busy in their routine procedures. John turned to the bedroom taking care that his team should not be disturbed in their investigation.

As John entered bedroom, Sam came forward, “Everything is as usual, nothing new" Sam said.

“How can we get it ... if someone among us is betraying us?" John slammed.

Sam opted to be quiet seeing John’s mood.

On the bedroom floor, in the pool of blood, Niyole Wagner's corpse was lying. Niyole was around twenty-five, impressive personality, stern and young chap, probably living alone in the flat. At least it was evident from his belongings and from the fact that no relative had reported till then. The blood had flown down his injuries and frozen on the floor. On the other side of his body a streamlet of blood had flown below his back. On his body there were injuries of bullets and the knife. Niyole's mouth was slit open, head turned to one side. He was in his regular office attire.

Killer must have followed him, entered with him in the house...

Of course all these were mere possibilities..

All his belongings in the flat, on his body, in his pockets were as they were..

Again all means ones which were valuable..

As nobody closer to him reported, there was no way to know what the killer had stolen and what was left behind. According to John's experience, some criminals not always steal valuables. They leave behind some valuables purposely to mislead the police.

From Niyole's body John turned his attention to the wall ahead, on which was drawn a big zero, again with blood.

Zero... it was a big zero..

And in the zero was hidden the killer ...

but zero means nothing...

Then how could the killer hide in it?

In the center of the zero was written a message- 'Who invented Zero?"

Then in this message the killer must have been hidden..

John was thinking.
John now felt an urgent urge to solve this case.
He knew, he had promised the press conference in the evening. But still he did not have anything to speak in the press conference. At least by evening he had to solve the case.

Continued …

Original Novel by Sunil Doiphode
English Version by Mugdha Apte 

This Novel in English

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