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Ch-43: Again press conference (Novel-Zero)

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John and his boss sat in the cabin facing each other, with nobody else in the cabin, only two of them. For quite a long moment there was an unnatural silence between them.

" We have got Alex’s postmortem report too" John broke the silence, turned over some pages in the file he possessed.

John’s boss was seated relax in his chair, taking puffs of cigar in his hand.

" There is no reason of death as such mentioned in the postmortem" John continued.
Boss removed the cigar from his mouth and flicked the ash in the ash tray ahead.

" I am sure he must have been killed by over dose of insulin ... When the insulin is overdosed... we can’t find any apparent reason for the death and we can’t prove it too.. Sometimes it puzzles everybody whether the death is natural or a murder" John said.

Boss got up from the chair, went to the window, looked outside as if in void.

Then suddenly turning he said, "Look John we met here in connection with Niyole’s murder... Not to discuss about some X,Y,Z' case...How can you divert our discussion to some other topics?"

"Because it is also concerned with this murder" John said sternly.

" It’s connected to this? Have you lost your mind? Who is that fellow... yeah Alex.. he died, we even don’t know how he died... and you are just connecting it with this case ... its ridiculous" Boss said in irritation.

" It is concerned therefore I am connecting them" John said with confident tone, " Probably Alex had the clues of this case ... therefore the killer killed him"

There discussion broke up as a peon came in, they both looked at him. Peon went to boss and informed, " Sir the press has assembled outside"

The peon left.

" Press ... this time? They are out of their minds or what?" Boss said in surprise.

" The freaks assemble wherever they feel like... they only are bothered of the news... Who died, how he died? They are least bothered about..." Annoyed Boss said.

" Sir ... in fact.. I have called the press conference" John said.

" Press conference? And you called? With whose permission? ..." Now Boss was out of his mind.

" Sir ... in the morning to avoid them it just slipped outof my mouth..." John tried to explain his side.

" Slipped out of your mouth? You people commit such mistakes and we have to go through the consequences" Boss thundered.

" Sir if you had listened to me last time... we would not have been facing this situation.." John was loosing his patience.

" What do you think? If I would have listened to you last time the time, what had come now would have come long back... you people delayed the investigation and I tried to protect you... In fact I had given you the choice ... either solve the case fast or quit"

John was speechless, he said with soft tone, " But now how to deal with the press outside?"

" That you don’t worry about... I will take care of everything" Boss changed his stance like a chameleon.

John felt better listening to his boss’s comforting words.
Boss stubbed the cigar in the ash tray ahead and asked John to follow him.
Boss got up, dashed out the open door and John quietly followed him.

Continued …

Original Novel by Sunil Doiphode
English Version by Mugdha Apte 

This Novel in English

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