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Ch-45: I am sorry (Novel-Zero)

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As Boss escaped from the reporter’s group, he went straight to his cabin, John also came out of the crowd, avoiding the reporters and followed his boss.

How can Boss do this to me?..

Last time also Boss declared everything to the press, without any role of mine or at least my consent as such,...

In fact he sent me on the vacation nearly forcefully...

John was very upset and angry with his Boss.

Every time he works as a dictator, and if anything goes wrong, he blames somebody else...

Neither to John, nor to anybody else, it was not acceptable. John rushed to catch up with his Boss. He wanted to ask him the explanation. When Boss reached his cabin, John was right behind him. He must have sensed John following him or he must have expected him, he stopped abruptly before entering his cabin. John also stopped. Boss turned and strolled towards John, stopped in front of him, looking directly into his eyes. He too stared back into his eyes, as he was still angry.

“ This is typical arrogance? Don’t look like this...You are going to eat me or what?” Boss shouted at him.

Boss was playing his usual trick. But this time John was not shocked. Then Boss tried the second part of his trick, he surrendered, patted on his shoulder “ I am sorry John... The situation was such that I could not do anything else” .

John was still looking directly into his eyes with rage.
Boss realized that his trick had failed. He removed his hand from John’s shoulder, abruptly turned and entered his cabin. Boss was successful in achieving two goals in the single shot, one to save the image of the police, and second to create his terror and importance in the department by suspending John.

Continued …

Original Novel by Sunil Doiphode
English Version by Mugdha Apte

This Novel in English

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