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Ch-44: One shot two victims (Novel-Zero)

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This Novel in English

As Boss and John went before the press, they rushed towards them.
Camera lights were flashing on their faces like lightening. The police made a circle holding each other’s hand to control the crowd. Still behind them it was totally a mess.

“Quiet please” Boss’s stern voice echoed.
The crowd became silent; still some were struggling to come forward. Boss took a confident and stern stance, looked around over the crowd.

“ Yes” Boss gestured to face questions.

The reporters standing in the front started firing questions. Since all were asking simultaneously, boss could not make out the clear words.

“ I will ensure that the last person is also answered.. one by one please” Boss said coolly.

John looked at him with surprise, he was surprised of his poise in such an adverse situation.

“ The killer was dead ... from the recent murder it seems that he is resuscitated again.” One of them said sarcastically.

“ We never thought of police department fooling around people in such a way” Other added.

“ And what makes me wonder is that still how could they face us with such a shamelessness ” Third said loosing his control.

“ Mind your language” Boss thundered.

Boss has changed his stance suddenly. John too startled for a while. John was surprised of the fact that even if his side was weak how he could try to override the press.
The mob became silent.

" Look we agree that we were wrong.. .we did not consider the fact that there could be more than one killers...'' Boss changed his stance and he became more polite and pretended to be more helpless now.

It was his style, first to override and startle the others, and then suddenly surrender and confuse them. It happened the same way as he anticipated, the press first got startled and quiet when he did override and got confused when he surrendered. They were confused to the extent that they felt sorry for Boss. But they were strong-boned reporters, not just his repressed, obliged subordinates. They immediately recovered and attacked back on him.

" You are supposed to be the protectors, supporters of the people, you are responsible for their good or bad... You just can’t escape just by apologizing "

" And at least now ... what's the progress of the case... or again as it was before" Somebody said.

" Just like a zero... ending at the place where it started" Somebody added.

The press around laughed sarcastically.

" You just can't keep quite by apologizing ... You have to take some concrete action.." Nobody was in a mood to allow Boss to talk.

" That too right now.. this very front of us"

" Yes.. right now... in front of us" All supported.

Now Boss was sweating. The press was not in mood to leave him just like that. Boss's trick had also not worked, in fact rebounded on him with the equal force like a boomerang.

" Just a minute...please" Boss gestured the mob to be quiet.

As they became silent and he was sure that at least he could be heard, he said, " Now I am going to declare my action plan in front of you"

Some people cut his words, " Right now... right here ... we will not allow procrastination as before"

Boss felt like trapped with no escape.

" Yes ... Yes , right now... right here I am going to declare my action plan" Boss said clearing sweat on his face.

Now the mob became pin drop silent, as they were eager to hear his action plan. The reporters tried to invade with their cameras and microphones as ahead as possible

" Number one ... police is for protecting people and people completely rely on them... we should take care that they should not loose faith in us. ... Therefore it’s not sufficient that police accept their mistake... but they should be punished too... so that they should not dare do such mistakes again"
Puzzled John looked at his Boss, as he was talking against police.

Whether I am mistaken to listen to him or he is mistaken to talk like this...

John thought.

" And therefore I have taken an important decision at this juncture "

Boss took a pause purposely before declaring his decision, so that he should be able to create the desired effect and impact.
People were quiet, waiting eagerly for the Boss's decision.

" And my decision is ... the one who are responsible for this big mistake should be punished immediately... therefore I declare the constitution of a committee, which will look into the mistakes, malpractices if any carried out during this investigation... until then I also declare that the current officer working on this case stands dismissed..."

John felt as if the earthquake shook him. John looked at his boss in shock. But the boss was still busy with his declaration, " And till then I am appointing an other able officer on this case. "

John was encountered with this side of his Boss first time. Still he was in shock, looking at his boss continuously. Suddenly the camera lights started to flashing on John's face. The reporters now turned there attention to John. As reporters got engaged with John, Boss took the advantage of the situation and escaped quietly.

Continued …

Original Novel by Sunil Doiphode
English Version by Mugdha Apte

This Novel in English

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