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Ch-47: Yess! (Novel-Zero)

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Anjeni came out of the kitchen with two coffee cups in both her hands. John was still busy with computer. She kept one cup in front of him, taking care that he should not be disturbed.

“ Getting something? ” She asked, taking a swig from her cup. She talked with two intentions, one to make John aware that his coffee cup is kept in front of him and second really to know whether he had found something or not.

John glanced at the coffee cup and then Anjeni and searched something around.

“ Need something?” Anjeni asked.

“ Some paper or notebook or anything to write…” He said.

Anjeni went to hall and came back with a diary. By that time John picked the cup kept in front of him, took a swig and kept the cup back. He was again absorbed in his work when Anjeni came back with a diary. She opened it, kept in front of him and held a pen in front of his face. John took the pen and started to write something on the diary, some intelligible words.
While sipping the coffee Anjeni ducked over his shoulder trying to make out what he is writing.

Suddenly John banged his tight fist on the table, got up, and said triumphantly, “Yess!”

Probably he would have got some important information about the killer.

“ Got something?” Anjeni asked; her face was beamed up.

“ See... the serial killer first killed Sani”

Anjeni’s beamed face gloomed with the mention of her husband.

“ Second murder he executed was of Huyana”

Alternatively Anjeni was listening what he was saying and reading what was written in the diary, to get what he wanted to infer at.

“ The third victim was Utina and the recent forth victim was Niyole”

“ So ?” Anjeni asked in puzzle.

“ And now the fifth victim will be the person whose name will start with “Y”

“ How can you be so sure?”

Then John explained her showing the information on the screen and the diary. As he was revealing the secrets one by one, her eyes were widening more and more with surprise.

Continued …

Original Novel by Sunil Doiphode
English Version by Mugdha Apte

This Novel in English

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