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Ch-48: call the meeting (Novel-Zero)

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This Novel in English

Sam sat across his boss and was briefing him about the case. Boss had handed over the complete charge of John to him. As usual Boss sat relaxed in the chair, taking cigar puffs and listening to him.

A peon came in and placed a slip in front of boss, “ Sir, John sir has come”

“ John sir” Boss said sarcastically, giving unusual weight on the word ‘Sir’

Boss opened the slip, ‘ Needs to talk to you very urgently, got some important information regarding the serial killer case’ he read the slip.

He again went over the words written in the slip and slipped it to Sam, “When

he had the opportunity, he could not do anything,... What the hell he is going to do now?”

Sam also went through the slip.

Suddenly Boss sat right on the chair and ordered the peon, “ Send him in”

Peon went out and John came in.

“ Hello John how are you?” Boss gestured him to sit across.

John sat, without acknowledging anything.

“ Hello John”

“ Hello Sam”

The awkward exchange took place between John and Sam.

“ Yes.. What can we do for you?” Boss asked as if John was never a member of his department.

“ Sir, I have an important information regarding next possible murder”

“ But as all know.. you are now dismissed”

John kept quiet.

“ Then why should you share the information with us?”

“ Look... the information I had has nothing to do with your crazy departmental politics.. It’s the question of people’s life and death... Had I been able to do something alone with the help of this information, I would never have turned up"

Rage could be clearly sensed from John's words.

" This is the typical example of - 'The rope burns but the twists never go'" Boss said, stubbing the cigar in the ash tray kept in front of him.

" Anyway what information you have? " Boss asked.

" The information I have, leads us to the next possible victim " John said.

Sam was quietly looking alternatively at their faces.

Suddenly Boss laughed loudly, "Possible victim"

" Sir this is not some kind of joke"

Boss stopped laughing, " Look... there are around seventy five thousand houses in this city... An idiot is sufficient to tell us that the next victim will be resident of one of those houses... "

" Next victim's name will start with an alphabet 'Y' "

Boss again laughed loudly, " Is this some kind of word puzzle"

Sam who was quiet till this time, gathered courage to intervene, " Sir I think... we should listen to him thoroughly what he wants to say"

It was evident from Boss's face that he did not like Sam intervening, " Oh I am so sorry... Really I forgot that this case is being handled by you now.." Boss said sarcastically.

" Sir ... I mean ... I just suggested... "

Boss suddenly went in serious mood. The whole cabin became calm and quiet. Boss lit new cigar, relaxed in the chair and said, " OK then call the meeting"

Continued …

Original Novel by Sunil Doiphode
English Version by Mugdha Apte 

This Novel in English

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