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Ch-50A: Audio (Novel-Zero)

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John, Sam and other police officers were discussing about how to catch the killer. John initially encouraged each of them to talk about their ideas. And then considering all ideal found a mid, which he took for discussion. Everybody was given an equal chance in the discussion. This way of discussion was new to everybody, as Boss’s way was totally different. His meetings used to be the dictator’s meetings. This democratic way was appreciated by everybody. Everybody was involved in the topic one way or the other. But they were worried if Boss would come in between and discard everything. And the same did happen; Boss came hurriedly when their discussion was in the middle. He was sweating badly. Seeing Boss’s condition the room became silent.

Some mishap must have happened..

They thought. A peon followed Boss carrying a laptop

“ There has been a problem” Boss said, as he entered.

Pin drop silence. Everybody was eager to hear him next.

“ The killer we are dealing with, is probably not a single person... Rather it must be an organization... Probably a terrorist organization”

“ Terrorist organization?” Everyone’s mouth opened in surprise at once.

It was new information for everybody present there. Nobody had ever thought it in that angle.

“ It was a press call... It is mess everywhere in the city... Those people have released an audio on the Internet..” Boss said in a single breath and gestured Dan to start the laptop.

 As Dan started laptop, boss said, “ I have not heard the audio... I think we should first listen to it”

Boss sat before laptop. By this time Dan had started the laptop and opened the Google search engine. Dan has rightly guessed that the audio file was first to be searched. Dan looked at the Boss in the anticipation to know which search string he has to type. That way Dan had good tuning with Boss. He used to know most of the times what was on his mind.

“ Zero Mystery” Boss said.

Dan entered ‘Zero Mystery’ as a search string and clicked a button. Within fraction of seconds hundreds of blue links appeared on the screen.
Everybody pushed their heads ahead as they were eager to see what appeared on the screen.

“ The fourth link” Boss ordered.

Sam clicked the fourth link from the top. A site opened with an audio file link. There were two options – Play and Download.

“ Play it directly” Boss ordered.

Sam pressed the play button. Initially it was silent, as if it was a silence before storm. Then a stern voice echoed in the room. Everybody was silent as they were eager to hear the audio.

Continued …

Original Novel by Sunil Doiphode
English Version by Mugdha Apte 

This Novel in English

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