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Ch-50B: Audio (Novel-Zero)

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This Novel in English

'' My Indian brothers and sisters''

There was a long pause in between.
All assembled at boardroom looked at each other quizzically.
The voice in the audio again echoed-

“Someway or the other, somebody or the other, had been ruling us since long, as if we are been accustomed to the habit of getting ruled. Prior to this, for 150 years British ruled us ... They treated us very badly like animals.... You will be surprised to know that still somebody is ruling us.. And yes it is true and its not the fact to be surprised but it is a shameful fact.. If we look back to our past ... The advanced science we see today ... the base of this science is been established by Indians long back, during our Vedic era... But these advanced countries do not agree with this.. They have either stolen this science from us or grabbed forcefully from us with their power... As an example ... zero... zero was invented by us... but they still do not agree with this... Pythagoras theorem had been invented by one of our ancestor mathematician Aryabhatta... But today it is famous with a credit to somebody else's name... Jya (Sine) was also invented by Aryabhatta. These are some examples of mathematical inventions... In the life sciences, Aurveda is a gift of Indians to the world...  America tried to patent turmeric ... the medical uses of which are mentioned in our Aurveda is a typical example of grabbing others technology on the basis of their power... Using their power with the help of the media they impose lies on us, hiding the real truth.. The invention made by us proves one thing that we were never inferior to them in any way nor we are now.. Today our brain drain to America and Europe only proves the fact.. Then the question arises, if we are mentally superior in all respects than them, then why we are lagging behind them.. The main causes of these problems are -
1. Lack of nationalism in us...
2. Their attitude towards us
3. Their interference in our national policies on the basis of their power... this is the way they are still ruling us indirectly.
Now its time to attract their attention towards us by shaking them... and also it is necessary to make Indians realize their nationalism... That is why we have started this 'Zero mystery' drive... Because it is easy to awaken the sleeping but one who is pretending to sleep, has to be woken up only by a huge explosion.... These people have always misunderstood our non-vioence.... Therefore it is necessary to prove our aggression this way.. Now this is the first step.. We need to do much more things to get back our lost prosperity ... I hope, in fact I am confident that all the Hindus will support our this expedition.. Hindus are much more capable... Be ready for ruling the world..
Jai Hind!''

The message was in Hindi. Nobody in the boardroom knew Hindi. A police officer with Indian base was sitting in the boardroom, who made it easy for the others to understand the audio speech by explaining the meaning in between. There was an awkward silence in the board room.

" My God!'' Boss uttered.

" It is terrorism" Sam said.

" No ... not simply terrorism .. Its Hindu terrorism... earlier we were victims of Muslim terrorism ... now its Hindi terrorism also in the list" Boss said.

" Sir I think now we should try to prevent the next murder" John said.

'' Mr. John now this case is not simply a murder case.. now it has become a phenomenon" Boss said.

" But if we could stop the next murder.. and if we could catch the culprit... then we could get control over it" John expressed his opinion.

" Now there is nothing we can control... Already whole of America is burning in the fire of riots ... And the culprit is not a single cheap killer .. Its a terrorist organization behind it... Hindu terrorist organization"

" But how so quickly the riots got spread all over?" Sam expressed his surprise.

" During 9/11 peoples’ anger had reached to a particular threshold... And now the anger has outburst into riots knowing about one more terrorism.'' Boss said as if he analyzed the people's behavior. That way his study in the field of mob behavior and mob tendency was quite in depth.
Again the peon came in.

" Sir Mayor's phone" He said bending respectfully at Boss's ear.

Boss got up, " Come on ...let us get up ... now we have to handle these riots"

Boss was going out. Except John everybody followed him. John was looking them going with despair.

Continued …

Original Novel by Sunil Doiphode
English Version by Mugdha Apte

This Novel in English

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