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Ch-51: Arson (Novel-Zero)

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Boss and other Police were standing in front of the TV and were watching the news of the riots spread all over America. Phone was ringing in between, which was duly attended by the lady police staff sitting near the phone. Boss switched the news channel, to find the news of the same thing. Every news channel was over flooded with the news regarding the riots going on all over America.
Suddenly John came in with rage, Sam looked at him sympathetically. Boss just ignored him and the others were pretending to be busy in their work. John did not like the way Boss ignored him.

 Loosing almost his control he outburst, “ Sir if we could not stop the fifth murder... the people now involved in riots would go wild ... and then it would be almost impossible to control them...”

Boss looked at him, pondered over, and said looking at Sam, “ Sam I think he is right... You go with him taking two more police and see if we can do something”

Boss turned to John, “ I am sorry John, this much I can do”

John sensed the sarcasm in his words, as he was without uniform and without powers.

John was about to snap back when Boss said, “ Because the arson has already started at the Canaught place... I would need people there also... And many places the riots can start’’

Still John was to say something when there was a call for Boss.

Before attending the phone he said, “ Come on…. go quickly, don’t waste your time”

John and Sam rushed out.

Continued …

Original Novel by Sunil Doiphode
English Version by Mugdha Apte 

This Novel in English

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