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Ch-52: Brahma is Complete in itself (Novel-Zero)

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The rishi, meditating in the cave at the base of one of the Himalayan valleys, suddenly startled awake. His eyes were red and a triumphant smile on his face. Slowly his eyes again got closed. Again becoming ignorant from the atmosphere around, ignorant from the era, the place and his body his consciousness started traveling freely…

In the jungle, near the hut, three residents were discussing something among themselves. Suddenly the rishi appeared from behind. As they sensed his presence they turned to look at him.

The same rishi ..

They remembered his words..

‘Don’t worry, I will take you out soon from your dilemma’

They were looking at him with anticipation.

A strange smile crept over his face.

“ Consider your problem as solved” rishi said.

“ What? Our problem is solved?” surprised words came out of their mouths.
rishi chanted a Sanskrit shloka loudly-

Aum purnam adaha purnam purnat purnam udchyate |
Purnasya purnam aadaya purnam evav shishyate |

“ Meaning when the complete is added to complete or complete is subtracted from the complete, the remaining is the complete.. Brahma is complete in itself. Therefore when Brahma is added to Brahma or Brahma is subtracted from Brahma the remaining is Brahma. Here complete and Brahma could be called as infinity. Where there is day there is a night. Where light comes the opposite of it dark always follows. Similarly wherever there is completeness or infinity the opposite of it ‘Shunya’ must be there”

Indicating at the river ahead, the rishi said further, “ Look at the bubbles in the water... how they destroy”

“ There is one thing which is nothing at times and which is everything at times. It ends where it starts. It is a thing out of which this cosmos, you and me are created. One day all of us have to merge in it.”

While talking, rishi was strolling around them.

“ Rishivar, we are doing research in mathematics and we are looking for the mathematical solution of the problem, not spiritual” One of them spoke.

“ Yes, due to which you are feeling your research incomplete, is the solution, and it is mathematical and equally spiritual”

Rishi took all of them to side and showed them the circle formed due to his continuous round strolling.

“ The thing which you need to complete your research with is ‘Shunya’(Zero)”

All the faces beamed up with happiness.

Rishi said, “ shunya ends where it starts”

One of them drew a circle as a sign to indicate ‘shunya’ (zero).

Rishi said, “ Shunya is nothing at times”

One of them wrote 0+6=6

Rishi said further, “ Shunya is everything at times”

Other one wrote 0x6=0

Now their research work was speeded up. All of them got engrossed deeply in their work. When they came to senses, they looked around. The rishi was not around. The surprise was visible on their faces.

Where the rishi has gone?...

Probably he was merged into ‘shunya’ (Zero)....

Continued …

Original Novel by Sunil Doiphode
English Version by Mugdha Apte 

This Novel in English

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