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Ch-54: Hillview Appartment ( Online Novel - Zero )

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This Novel in English

While coming out of the corporation office, John and Sam were obstructed by the crowd and the office boys moving around carrying office files. As they reached the open space in front of the office they felt better.

“ How will we proceed now?” Sam asked while walking with him.

That way Sam was officially in charge of the case, still he was aware of the capabilities of his ex-boss.

“ I think we should send two members with us to these two addresses..” John said.

“ Yes you are right” Sam said, removing a mobile from his pocket.

Sam dialed a number.

“ Hello... Anthony... look... We have got three possible victims of the fifth murder... I tell you one... You have to report there immediately... yeah.. take down ..’’

Sam told him the name and address of one of the residents they have sorted out.

“ And... you have to report immediately... his life is in danger” Sam said further.
Sam disconnected and dialed one more number. He detailed the second address to the second department member given to them.

“ What to do with this third address.. Boss had given us two persons only.. “ John asked Sam

“ We will ring him, inform him about the progress till now and will ask for one more person .. so that he could be detailed on the third address”

“ Will he give us one more? ... I doubt” John expressed his uncertainty.

“ Let’s see”

Sam was about to dial Boss’s number when his mobile rang. John looked at the display. It was Boss. Sam immediately attended it.

“ Note down an address, I tell...” Boss said from other side.

“ Yes sir.. please”

Let us first listen to him and then inform him about the progress ..

Sam thought.
Sam grabbed a pen and a paper from John’s pocket.

“ Yahota Craft, B-1011, Hillview Appartments, KT-lane-3” Boss told from other side.

Its the third address they possessed ...

How did he come to know it.. when we have not informed him..

“... Report there immediately... Fifth murder is also executed” Boss disconnected the phone.
The puzzle - How did he come to know this address? - was now no more puzzle for him.

“ We are late” Sam said to John in despair.

“ What’s wrong?” John asked in surprise.

“ Fifth murder is also executed... the victim is Yahota Craft” Sam said handing him over the printout on which the possible victims and their addresses were printed.

Continued …

Original Novel by Sunil Doiphode
English Version by Mugdha Apte

This Novel in English

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