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Ch-56: Last victim ( Online Novel - Zero )

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This Novel in English

John pushed the flat door with his heart pounding badly. Door opened as it was not latched from inside. As John saw the scene inside, he started trembling. His heart was beating so fast that for a while he thought it is going to stop. In front of him was his dearest Anjeni lying in the pool of blood. And on the wall was a big zero drawn with her blood. John went to her. He felt his legs weakening. He sat down near her, checked her beat. He started sobbing, hiding his face into her palms. Anjeni was dead!

Sam was confused, not sure about what to do next. He kept his consoling hand on John’s trembling shoulders, trembling with his painful sobbing. Sam sat near him on his knees. Killer was successful in getting to his last victim too.

Now Sam got the meaning of the last message written by the killer - ‘ Zero ends from where it starts’

And he also realized that the last letter in ‘Shunya’ ‘A’ was the starting alphabet in ‘Anjeni’.

John reminded himself of the duty.

The killer must be nearby, since the murder seemed to be just recent..

We should catch him..

But John’s complete energy seemed to be exhausted. He somehow managed to get up, “ Sam... Killer still must be nearby around”

“ Yes sir...” Sam said.

Continued …

Original Novel by Sunil Doiphode
English Version by Mugdha Apte 

This Novel in English

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