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Ch-59A: Aryabhatta ( Online Novel - Zero )

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Command2 was watching TV sitting relaxed in the easy chair. But mentally he was somewhere else. He was prompt in completing all the jobs delegated to him by the Boss. Boss was also happy with him. The important thing was, Boss did not suspect him about Command1’s murder. In between he was switching among the news channels, just as a fun. He was enjoying the news of riots, arsons, and baton charges. A peculiar smile crept over his face, but did not last for long. And he suddenly got up the chair.

Its not the time to relax..

I should go for the next course of action..

He started strolling in the room, stopped, decided something and went to the corner, in front of the cupboard. He opened the cupboard, opened the bottommost drawer. He removed the drawer completely from its place and placed it down, near his feet. He opened another drawer which was visible in the open space formed by removing the previous drawer. He removed something from it and kept carefully in his trouser pocket. He closed the drawer, picked up the drawer kept near his feet and closed it placing it to its previous appropriate place. After closing the cupboard he went to the computer, put it on. Waiting for computer to boot he was strolling again uneasily in the room.

Before I take over the next course of action I should be well prepared...

I am still short of my objective...

The objective for which I took the risk to kill Command1, was still not visible to me..

He removed the pen drive he kept just now in his trouser pocket. He looked at it, though thinking over something else.

As a part of preparation I should go through the material which I got on Command1’s computer regarding Boss...

Suddenly he stopped strolling, looked at the monitor. Computer was booted. He went to the computer, inserted the pen drive in USB drive. Pulled the chair and sat in front of the computer. Now he was operating it swiftly making the finger movements like some magician. He opened the file which he copied earlier in his pen drive from Command1’s mail box. It was a research paper. The title was ‘Literature of Arayabhatta’
He was sure about the fact that using the information given in the research paper, he would get a thing in future which would definitely prove beneficial for him. A smile crept over his face. Probably he was pleased to sense the benefits which he would get in the future. He started reading the important points from the paper...

Continued …

Original Novel by Sunil Doiphode
English Version by Mugdha Apte

This Novel in English

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