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Ch-60: Late in the night ( Online Novel - Zero )

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This Novel in English

It was 2.30 in the night. John was driving his car fast through the eerie silence of the city. Still the riots were going on, therefore the roads in the city used to go silent quite early. And now, since it was 2.30 am the road was totally empty. As John was driving his vehicle, he heard police siren from behind. He looked into the mirror. A police vehicle was following him.

Shall I stop the vehicle?

He thought for a moment and pushed the break hard. The vehicle stopped on the side of the road making screeching sound. The police vehicle overtook him and stopped in front of his vehicle. They peeked through their vehicle. John got down. Two police men came to him.

“Where are you going gentleman, so late in the night?’’ One of them asked while approaching him.
When they stopped in front of him, one of them started to observe him closely.

“John, Sir. You!” the one observing said in surprise.

May be he knew John, but John didn’t know him. Due to the serial killer case, media had given John a lot of fame and exposure. Before he was dismissed almost daily his photo used to come in newspapers or news used to flash about him.

“ Yes.. I am John... I was just taking a round” John said.

“ No problem sir, you carry on please” He said politely.

John sat in the vehicle, started vehicle, and drived off waving at them.
John’s vehicle stopped in a quiet place in front of a house. It was Command1’s house. After the third murder, when Command1’s dead body was found below the building, they had raided this house. John got down, parking his vehicle to one side of the road. He looked around, to find nothing but a dark and eerie silence everywhere. He went to the compound gate, which was locked and sealed with police seal. He took a round around to check out the possibility of intrusion in the premise. The compound wall was protected with nailed wire at the top. To the left of the gate, the nailed wire was broken at a place.

It's the right place to intrude...

He thought.

But shall I intrude?...

I am already dismissed.. and in such a situation If I get caught while intruding, they would suspect something different...

Whatever happens... Now I will not back off...

Since the time Anjeni left him, he had become more and more careless about his life. While he was thinking he started to climb up the compound wall. It was difficult to climb, as the wall was quite high. He jumped to check up something to hold to climb. He got hold of something, he heold it tightly and climbed the wall. But while climbing he got severe pain in his hand. When he was on the top of the wall he checked his hand, it was a nailed wire which he got hold of. Immediately, he released the wire, looked at his hand. It was bleeding badly. Holding the bleeding hand tight he jumped on the other side, inside the premise.

Continued …

Original Novel by Sunil Doiphode
English Version by Mugdha Apte

This Novel in English

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