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Ch-2: Evidence ( Free Novels - Aghast )

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There was the usual morning rush, people hurrying for the office, traffic on the road. Therefore it was quite crowded and compact, excluding a police vehicle which rushed through the crowd. The atmosphere around became tense, as the vehicle was rushing with its ear splitting siren sound. The crowd on the road split immediately to provide a way through. The ones who were walking on the footpath were looking back at the departing vehicle with curious, fearful expressions on their faces. As the vehicle departed it left a notion of tension on the road for a while yet things gradually returned to normality. 

A forensic team member was stood investigating at the open door of the bedroom. He was searching rigorously for any sort of possible evidence through his thick glass lens. Suddenly he heard the sound of shoes, somebody walking with great discipline. 
Before he could turn he heard a stern voice, “Where is the body?’’
“Sir, Here ... here inside...” He stood up straight and regained his posture as a mark of respect.
The man he addressed as 'sir' was Detective Sam White, around 35-36, highly disciplined, height around 6ft 2 inches with a very strong build. Sam went in, in the direction shown by his team member.

When Sam reached the bedroom, he saw Steven’s corpse lying in a pool of blood on the bed. His eyes were bulged out and the neck and head were left hanging to one side. His neck was cut and it was apparent from the condition of the bed that he must have struggled hard to survive. Sam surveyed around. One of his team members was brushing objects in an attempt to find some sort of clue and another other one was busy taking photographs.

His other team member briefed him up -

“ Sir the victim is Steven Smith, 25 ...”

“ Got any fingerprints?” Sam asked him before he had finished his briefing.

“ No sir... not yet” 

“ Make sure everything is covered” Sam instructed the photographer passing by.

“ Yes sir” he promptly replied.

Suddenly Sam’s attention was caught by something odd. 
He went to the bedroom door. The latch and the portion around it was broken.
“The killer must have entered in by kicking open the door. ” Sam said.
Then came the voice of Jeff, another member of the  team. Jeff was around 35, very short, fat and had a less than distinguished appearance. 

“No sir, actually I broke it. When we arrived, the door was locked from the inside.” 

“ You broke it?” Sam said in surprise.

“ Yes sir” 

“ Back to your old routine then Mr. Bell” Sam said jokingly, but not showing so on his face.

“ Yes sir, I mean no sir.”

Sam turned and threw a glance at the room’s only window. It was closed, naturally, as the room was air conditioned. 

“If the door was locked from inside, and the windows were closed, then how did the killer enter the room? “ Sam asked, almost to  himself. 

Astonished, everybody looked at each other. Nobody had an answer.

“ More importantly sir, how the hell did he escape?” Jeff said.

The detective simply gave Jeff a stern look.
Suddenly everybody's attention was caught by an investigating officer who  had recovered some pieces of hairs around the bed.

“ Hairs? Bag them and get them to the labs.” Sam instructed.


Original Novel by Sunil Doiphode
English Version by Adam Hughes

This Novel in English

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