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Ch-3: Post mortem report ( Free Novels - Aghast )

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Detective Sam sat in his office at the police station. An officer, Craig, then walked in and handed him over the post-mortem documents. Sam leafed through them and the officer sat beside him, briefing him in between about the post-mortem report.

“ It says that the neck cut is the cause of his death, but the post-mortem did not reveal any information about the actual weapon used for the murder”

“ Amazing?” Sam said, again, almost to himself, “And what about the hairs found at the site?” 

“ We examined those ... but they were not human hair.” Craig said.

“Not human hairs?” 

“Maybe the killer is inhuman.” Just then another officer came into the room and,  jokingly, joined their conversation. 

And although what he said was meant to be humorous, they didn’t speak for a while, rather, they simply looked at each other. There was an awkward silence in the room. 

“ I mean it must be from a coat or clothing.” Craig commented, trying to normalize the atmosphere. 

“Any clue about the motive?" Sam continued, asking Craig and completely ignoring the other officer.

“ Everything valuable in the house was intact, and we found no fingerprints other than the victims.”

“Well, if the suspect is inhuman, they don't need any motive”, the officer intruded again jokingly. 

Again few seconds passed with an awkward silence.

“ Look officer, this is an extremely serious matter here, so please, for God’s sake don’t talk nonsense like this. It’s not even funny” Sam warned the officer. 

The officer looked slightly embarrassed and Sam returned to his previous conversation.

“I've been reading the victim's file, he's got quite an impressive record. We could be dealing with some sort of revenge from an old enemy”

“If he only kills criminals...” The officer again tried to intrude between them. 

Sam looked at him with an angry glare.

“ I mean ... If he only kills criminals, at least it makes our job easier.” The officer said with no humour in his voice and using his words carefully. 

“ Remember it's our job to protect and serve...” Sam said.

“ Even to criminals?’’ the officer asked bitterly.

Sam did not speak anything; in fact he probably didn’t have an answer to that.

... continued  ...

Original Novel by Sunil Doiphode
English Version by Adam Hughes

This Novel in English

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