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Free Novels - Aghast Ch-4: Paul Roberts

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Paul Roberts, a 25  year old with black, curly hair, around height five feet ten inches tall and average build, was sleeping in his bedroom. The room itself was not at all well kept with empty wine bottles, pornographic magazines and all sorts of distasteful items littered around. The bedroom walls were plastered with posters of naked or semi naked models of his choosing. His bedroom was quite similar to the Steven's, the only difference was that his bedroom had two windows, although these were also closed and latched. The windows were not closed due to the air conditioning but rather as a  form of protection. He was sleeping on a thick, soft, silky bed, and held a similar, thick, soft silky pillow tightly at his chest. He was stirring restlessly. When he felt that he could no longer sleep, he got up. He seemed to be disturbed. He strolled around the room, uneasily. He put on the slippers which he religiously kept in the corner of the room and then left.

What to do now? ...

He thought and went towards the kitchen
. He walked into the kitchen and switched on the light. Then he went to the fridge, opened it, and took out a water bottle. Quickly, due to his insatiable thirst, he drank the whole bottle in a few gulps. Holding the empty bottle in his hand, he went to the foyer.

The foyer was in complete darkness. Paul sat on a chair.

Let's watch TV...

He pondered this idea and then picked up the remote which he kept on a side table. As he switched on the TV, his eyes went wide, his face became pale and sweaty, and he started shivering dreadfully. He saw the stream of blood slowly trickling down from the top of the TV and beginning to run down the TV screen. Suddenly he got up, fumbled, and switched on the light in the room.

There is nobody in the room..

Then how did it happened..

He looked at the TV
Shuffling he ran to the telephone and dialled a number. A big piece of fresh flesh was kept on the top of the TV, which was still bleeding.
He picked up the telephone and began to dial a number with his trembling hands.
... continued  ...
Original Novel by Sunil Doiphode
English Version by Adam Hughes

This Novel in English

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