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English novel - Aghast :Ch-5: A piece of flesh

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Horror, suspense, thriller online English Novel 

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Children were playing in the playground without a care in the world. Suddenly the sirens of police cars roared into the air, scaring the youngsters who ran back to their parents. Police cars were driving ferociously on the road. The cars departed with the speed with which they came and turned to the right on the next turn. 

Police cars stopped by the house, making an ear-splitting siren noise. As soon as the cars stopped, the team, under the leadership of Sam, left the cars and ran towards the house. 

" The two of you go and look around the house", Sam ordered to his two teammates.

They left behind the group and started investigating, one from the right side of the house and the other from the left. Detective Sam and the other members assembled at the front door. Jeff pressed the doorbell. It rang, but no movement came from inside. They waited for a while before Jeff rang the doorbell again before knocking also. 

" Hello? Is anybody there? Open the door!", Jeff exclaimed.

One of them knocked the door again. But there was no movement inside. Sam was becoming annoyed.

He ordered, “Kick it open."

Jeff and his two colleagues were literally banging on the door.

" Here. Push here with force", Sam advised.

" No”, replied one of the colleagues, “the latch would be somewhere here"

" Forcefully”, Jeff advised. “Give it some more force"

" Everybody just don't just be pushing. Somebody keep a guard on us", Sam instructed.
At last they kicked the door open. As the door opened, the team rushed in. Detective Sam was entering cautiously holding his pistol straight in front of him. The others followed him guarding each other. As they were about to spread throughout the house, they caught sight of a dreadful scene in the hall. Their facial expressions faded away. It was Paul's corpse lying on the sofa, his neck cut, eyes bulged out, head turned to one side, and the things in the hall littered around. He was also murdered in almost the exact same way as Steven Smith. It was evident from the littered things that he too had put up a fight for survival. 

" Search around in the house" Sam ordered. 

Three-four members of the team spread all over the house. 

" Search in the bedroom too" Sam continued.

Detective Sam looked around in the room. He saw the TV screen spotted with a blood streamlet and the piece of flesh lying on the top. Sam signalled for one of the investigation team members. Immediately he went to the TV and started to collect the evidence from there. Then Sam’s attention was drawn to the windows of the hall. Again, the windows were locked from inside. Suddenly something odd on the sofa caught Sam's attention. 
He reached out and touched it. It was a collection of hairs lying on the sofa, beside the corpse. 
A strange silence filled the air. One of the investigation team members came forward and bagged the bunch. Jeff was looking at the bunch and the piece of flesh alternatively. His mind... not only his mind, almost everyone’s mind was filled with so many unanswered questions. But to whom they should ask was the next immediate question.

...continued  ...
Original Novel by Sunil Doiphode
English Version by Adam Hughes

This Novel in English

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