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English novel - Aghast :Ch-6: Panic

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 Sam was sat sipping a coffee with his associate officer, intently the serial killer case. From their gestures it was evident that the discussion going on in between them was of extreme importance. In between their speech, they were taking small swigs of the coffee in order to stay alert. Suddenly, a TV news report grabbed their attention.

“ The body of a second victim was found today, the similarity and brutality of this murder being identical to another body found earlier this week. Such connections have lead many to feel that we are faced with a possible serial killer. It is believed that the bodies have been found in rooms which have been locked from inside, however the police are unwilling to comment upon this. Whilst the city braces itself for the news of any further killings, residents near the crime scene, although shaken by the events, have been comforted by revealing the information that both victims had extensive criminal records which may be the motive for the killer's actions, although the police are at present not willing to comment upon this.”

“ Well if its media attention the killer wants, he's certainly starting to get it” Sam told his associate.

 But the officer seated across from Sam did not comment, fully absorbed in the news report.

There was panic everywhere in the city. The serial killer was openly roaming around and the police were unable to catch him.

How many more names were on his list?

Who was his next victim?

And why he was killing these people?

With some purpose? Or without any?...

Nobody knew the answers.

...continued  ...

Original Novel by Sunil Doiphode
English Version by Adam Hughes

This Novel in English

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