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Ch-61: Inside the compound. ( Online Novel - Zero )

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Holding the bleeding hand with the other, John got up. It was bleeding badly so he removed kerchief from his pocket and wrapped the wound with it tightly. He went to the main door of the Bunglow, holding the soaring hand carefully. It was also locked and sealed with the police department seal. He ventured around to check out the possibilities to get into the bungalow. To get in seemed to be impossible, at least from the front side. Last time while inspecting the bunglow, he was with his team. He was sure about the inspection inside as he was always with them. But he was not sure about the inspection outside, as he had given the responsibility to some new trainee team member. So he decided to inspect the portion around the bungalow. That way the possibility of getting something outside was very rare, as time span passed in between was huge. And the chances of clues outside getting destroyed were more than the clues inside.

Still I should be optimistic..

He warned himself.

Probably while probing, I may get some way to get in ...

He removed the torch from his pocket, which he always used to carry. In the flashlight of the torch he started to go to the back of the bungalow from right side. He was also checking the possible vulnerable points like broken or breakable windows etc to intrude in. There were windows but with tough iron nets.

There could be some window with the net broken at places, like the fence wire was broken...

In the open space around the bungalows was the garden, seemed to be not looked after from quite a long time. The grass and other weeds were grown till the waist height. In the dark, John was making way through the grass and the weeds with the help of the torch. Due to these high grown weeds, it was difficult to find the proofs even if they existed. On the other hand there was a benefit of the grown weeds that if the proof existed, it could have been secured safely. In the flash light of the torch John reached to the back of the bungalow. The backside door also had iron net; the single probable possibility of intrusion was also dismissed. He searched the back side, to find nothing important. Slowly searching through the bottom of the weeds he took a complete circle around the house. The open space also had no proofs. The nets of all windows were intact.

So there is no possibility of intrusion... at least today..

To get in I should take help of Sam later sometime...

And it is better to check the compound portion again in the daylight ...

He thought and turned to leave the premise. Suddenly a flash of thought ran through his mind. He stopped abruptly, turned and rushed to the left side of the bunglow.

Continued …

Original Novel by Sunil Doiphode
English Version by Mugdha Apte


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