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Ch-62: A blossomed creeper ( Online Novel - Zero )

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To the right side of the bunglow, a creeper was blossomed with scented white flowers. The creeper climbed up to the terrace taking the support of wall, window and the pipe running upwards. John looked at the creeper right from the bottom to the top in the flashlight of the torch. The creeper was crowded with bunches of flowers. Then he observed it from top to bottom. At the bottom of the creeper there was garbage accumulated, like scribbled paper pieces, empty polythene bags, broken material etc. John sat on toes and started to rummage through the garbage. He removed a plastic bag from his pocket and started to collect the things from the garbage, which he felt useful or important. After he searched the garbage thoroughly, he shook the creeper holding it tight. Showers of flowers fall on him and with it some other falling sound he heard. He checked with his torch; it was still more garbage fallen, entangled in the creeper above. Again he sorted it out and bagged some of it. He found a polythene bag knotted at the top. He shook it to guess what is in it, and bagged it too, making a mental note to check it carefully afterwards.

It’s too late.. it’s better to leave now..

He picked up the bag and went to the part of the fence from where he entered.
He reached home by 4 am in the morning. He was too tired because of the exertion and the injury. He kept the plastic bag below on the ground, and taking care of the injured hand opened the door. He remembered, once when he was injured in an accident, Anjeni had escorted him and helped him to open the door. As he recalled of her, his mind filled with grief and rage. Suddenly he realized that the whiskey bottle for which he went out was totally slipped out of his mind.

As he opened the door and looked at the polythene bag kept below, he felt better; realizing that he had at least one job at hand to forget his grief - to search the collected garbage for the possible clues.
He entered the house picking up the polythene bag, closed back the door. He sat on the sofa and went through each and every piece of paper he sorted from the garbage.

He finished reading the pieces of paper in the garbage but didn't find anything useful. Then he turned his attention towards the polythene bags he collected from the garbage. He opened each and every polythene bag carefully, to find rotten groundnuts sometimes or some rotten eating stuff with pungent rotten smell. At last he found the knotted polythene bag for which he had made a mental note to check it carefully. He opened the knot and moved his head away to avoid himself from the bad smell. But to his surprise it didn't smell. He peeped in; broken pieces of glass were there inside.

Must be of broken wine glass...

He thought. He got up from the sofa and sat on the mat. He carefully dropped those pieces of glass on the mat. Some pieces were spotted with dried blood.

It must be killer's blood...

He picked up a piece carefully to have a closer look.

Can these spots be useful to get to the killer ...

He was checking all possibilities, when suddenly his eyes blinked with happiness. He found the marks of some fingerprints on the piece.

" Yess!" He celebrated the victory.

He checked the other pieces. They also had fingerprints. He picked those pieces and rushed to the phone, dialed a number.

" Sam... I am coming to you... right now.. I have got an important clue'' He said enthusiastically on the phone.

Continued …

Original Novel by Sunil Doiphode
English Version by Mugdha Apte 


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  1. Wow nice novel! Waiting for the end.

  2. Wow nice novel! Waiting for the end.


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