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Ch-63: Record Details ( Online Novel - Zero )

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Sam and John sat in front of the computer. A software was running on the computer, using which they were tallying the fingerprints they had with the huge number of criminal fingerprints stored in the database. The database contained millions of criminal fingerprints. To match the fingerprints with each and every fingerprint was difficult task unless they had a computer and a special software to match them. Within a second the software was matching it with thousands of criminal records, that to precisely and not leaving behind a single minute detail. According to their calculation, the record would be searched within few minutes. They were looking at the monitor waiting eagerly to get the match. A counter was running fast on the monitor showing how many records were tallied till the point. The counter, by this time, reached beyond 700000. Suddenly the counter stopped at 757092, with the popped up message - ‘Record Found’. They exchanged delighted looks and looked again at the monitor to read the record. The record read -

- Record details -
Name - Vinay Joshi
Age - 30
Crime - Forgery
Identification mark - Six fingers to the left hand.
Nationality - American

Both read the criminal’s information. It showed his photographs too, three photos, taken from left, right and front sides.

“This information we need to send immediately to all the police stations” Sam said.

“ Yes .. you are right.. but I am afraid..”

Sam gave him a quizzical look.

“ What if this time too the information is leaked?’’ John expressed his concern.

“ No.. this time it will not leak.. The culprit Dan is no more now, he had got the punishment of his deeds.” Sam said.

Then they sent the information including the photographs of the criminal to all the city police stations. And they warned to keep an eye on him if anybody finds him, since he could just be a thread to the overall game. The real criminal could be somebody else. To find the real criminal, it was necessary and important to go at the bottom of the whole thing.

Continued …

Original Novel by Sunil Doiphode
English Version by Mugdha Apte


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