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Ch-64: Dr. Kayum Khan ( Online Novel - Zero )

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Command2 alias Vinay was roaming in the area as usual to search his Boss. He used to search him in this area almost daily. He used to take care that Boss should not recognize him. He had completed almost hundred visits in this area, but still with hope and not ready to leave the efforts. Persistence was one of his qualities therefore he was still stuck up with the organization. Today evening he was almost exhausted, as he roamed around the whole day. The situation in the city was now calmed down. Recently he had got his boss’s message informing him about starting the new series of killings in the new city. Boss never wanted the situation to be calmed down. That way there was still time to start the mission in the new city. But Vinay was not interested in the mission in the other cities, as he wanted to pull curtains down  the game he had started, as early as possible. But he was not getting an important thread to pull. While he was thinking, he came to the premises of a building of which construction was going on. In fact he was searching for a place to sit so that he could relax, as he was already exhausted. He looked around; saw a huge heap of sand.

It’s abetter place to sit and relax...

He thought. Without bothering whether somebody would see him or somebody would recognize him, he sat on the sand heap.
Around 200 meters far from the place where Vinay sat, a black car was parked to the side of the road. The inside of the car was not visible as the Car’s colored glass windows were rolled up. But John and Sam were observing all the activities of Vinay through their binoculars.

“ It’s almost 5 days toady we are right behind him.. I am unable to get what the hell he is searching in this area” Sam said irritated.

“ I think that’s where the secret of murders is hidden” John said.

“ But how many days we are going to chase him like this?” Sam asked.

“ Till he gets what he wants”

“ May be he is searching his next murder victim”

“ That’s what we are here to find... But I don’t think so” John said.

While Vinay sat, he happened to look at the bunglow ahead. On the entrance pillar a name was carved, must be owner’s name, he thought. Vinay casually read it, “Dr. Kayum Khan”
Vinay read it again,

“ Dr. Kayum Khan”

Seems to be heard somewhere... or read somewhere...

He tried to recall by forcing his memory. That way he used to feel all the Muslim names alike, may be that’s the reason he felt like he was known to him. When he was pondering over, suddenly, some machine noise started to come from behind. Due to this unexpected loud noise he got almost startled and stood up suddenly. He looked behind. The building construction work was going on and the ready mix concrete machine was started just now. He was about to leave the place, when he realized something.
“ My God” the words came out of his mouth.

He again read the name carved on the entrance pillar ahead and again looked back at the ready mix concrete machine. All the puzzles he had in his mind, were immediately solved.

Dr. Kayum khan... he is the co-author of the research paper on Aryabhatta, which I read...

And the machine noise once he had heard on boss’s phone while conversation.

“ That means... Dr. Kayum Khan is our Boss!”

He was elated and energized now. He rushed towards Dr. Kayum Khan’s home. But again, stopped abruptly.

No... not now...

I must wait for the proper time and I must be preplanned enough...

Somehow he managed to stop himself.

Continued …

Original Novel by Sunil Doiphode
English Version by Mugdha Apte


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  1. I m friggin hooked! Awesum writing. I m thoroughly impressed. This has kept me enthralled like a recent novel I read, Justin!


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