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Ch-65: Paper roll ( Online Novel - Zero )

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After midnight Vinay came to the Dr. Kayum’s bunglow with full preparation.

It was be possible to enter the Bungalow from backside...

Vinay thought, as the Bunglow was isolated from the other houses. He looked around to make sure that he is not being observed and started to move to the back side of the Bunglow.
A black car was parked far from the place so that Vinay could not see it. John and Sam were observing Vinay’s activities  with their binoculars.

“ I think... its the right time to catch him... Otherwise it would be too late” Sam expressed his opinion.

“ No... Not now... I am sure he is not going in to continue his murder sequence ...” John said without moving his eyes from the binoculars.

“ Then what do you think he is going in for?” Sam asked.

“ That’s what we are here to find” John said.

As Vinay turned to go to the back side of Bunglow, John and Sam got alert. They came out of their vehicle when Vinay went out of their sight.

The hall was dark where Vinay stood. A room ahead was open and a dim light was coming through it. He aimed his gun at the open door and moved slowly at it. He could see some shadow in the room, sitting in thedark on a chair. The shadow's face was on the other side, sitting relaxed with his legs spread. As Vinay was slowly and cautiously moving towards the shadow, he heard harsh warding words from his behind,

" Hands up... throw the gun"

John and Sam had covered him with their guns. They were also able to see the shadow sitting in the next room. Vinay was not ready for this unexpected development, he startled, fumbled and dropped the gun on the ground, raising his hands. The shadow sat in the next room moved his wheel chair towards them and was getting up.

" Don't move" Johns warning echoed.

Vinay stood as he was, without moving a bit. The shadow in the next room also sat back on the chair.

But what's this...

The shadow had a gun in his hand...

As soon as Sam saw the gun in his hand, he fired at him series of bullets.

" No..." John tried to take away gun from Sam.

'Thud' ... 'Thud' they heard two sounds. One was of the shadow faling and the other of Vinay falling down. In an attempt to prevent Sam from firing, a bullet hit Vinay's forehead.

" What happened to you?" John said with fury.

" If I would not have shot he would have shot us" Sam said.

Sam ran to the shadow fallen down and John ran to Vinay's body. Sam switched on the main bulb in the study room. An aged person, Dr. Kayum Khan, with white long beard and completely removed mustache was fallen on the ground. His body was fallen on the tiny heap of the ash formed due to burning some documents or a book. The ash was spread everywhere. Sam was astonished to see a small paper role in Dr. Kayum's hand, which he misunderstood as a gun.

" Shit what a fool I am" Sam blamed himself.

Sam sat on his toes to check Dr. Kayum's beat, which was already stopped.

" He is dead" Sam said, as if to self.

John looked at Vinay's body fallen on the ground. He was still screaming in agony. He sat on toes near him and checked his wound and his possibility of survival.

" Whatever happens, we must save him." John said.

He removed his mobile from his pocket and dialed a number.
Sam pulled the paper role from Dr. Kayum's partly closed fist. He opened the role. The paper was filled with various dates and the times. Somewhere it was mentioned as "favorable time" somewhere it was mentioned as "very suitable time". On the other hand somewhere it was mentioned as " risky time''. In the paper almost Dr. Kayum's life history was mentioned. While reading, his attention went to the end of the paper.
" My God!" the words came out of his mouth.

" John" Sam went to John.

John had called the Ambulance from the hospital.

" John ... Look at this" Sam held the paper in front of John.

John picked it it, went throught it and said throwing it to side,

" Now a days Astrology has become a fashion"

Sam picked up the paper and showed John the dates and timings written at the end of the paper.

" Look here.. From Date 17 time 12 ..upto 3 days onwards it is mentioned as 'Risky time' and look here On 17 at night 12 to 2 its mentioned as 'very risky time'"

John took the paper to have a closer look. He looked in the watch it was 1 past 5 minutes in the watch and the date today was exactly 17.

John was speechless, looking at the paper with astonishment. Vinay was still screaming with agony on the ground where John stood. He must have heard what Sam read for John. He must have been convinced about the knowledge his boss had. Taking a long last breath, Vinay's head turned to a side and his whole body became motionless. He was dead, but his wish, to acquire the knowledge his boss had, was not fulfilled...

Continued …

Original Novel by Sunil Doiphode
English Version by Mugdha Apte


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