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Ch-66A: Zero mystery ( Online Novel - Zero )

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Next day the news flashed in all the news papers under various headings-

‘ Zero mystery solved at last’
‘ Zero mystery - a different move by the Enemy’
‘ Zero mystery - a war waged by the Enemy’
‘ Zero mystery - Police departments internal differences exposed’
‘ Zero mystery - an incident or a phenomenon’
‘ Zero mystery - At last solved by a dismissed police officer’
‘ Dr. Kayum Khan - Father of Zero Mystery’
‘ Dr. Kayum Khan and Vinay Joshi two ends of the single thread’

On TV channels also there were no news other than ‘Zero mystery’. At one side people were happy that at last the puzzle was solved, while on the other side the seriousness of the incident and the fear of its long term consequences were visible on their faces. This chaos of truth and lies gave rise to new rumors. Now it was necessary for somebody to guide the people and put forth the truth in front of them.

The riots were cooled down in the city by now. But still there were outbursts in between. Now it was important and necessary to give people the information about the purpose of the ‘Zero mystery’, therefore the police department had called the press conference. There was no doubt about John’s contribution in solving the ‘Zero mystery’. Police department also had shown the same enthusiasm to give him credit, the enthusiasm with which they had dismissed him earlier. Reporters from not only the city but also from all ends of the world had come to attend the press conference. As soon as John reached the press conference, the wave of energy ran through the reporters, flashlights were continuously flashing on John. A flash of thought, like the flash of lights ahead, ran through John’s mind-

Since Anjeni was killed, John had thrown himself completely in the case ..

But what next..

After the case calms down, the crowd was not going to be around him forever...

Again he was going to be alone..

And again the same despair... the pain of loosing Anjeni..

While he thought, he reached the bunch of microphones kept on the table, tagged with TV channels. He stood in front of the reporter crowd, with the pain of loosing Anjeni, and at the same time pride of solving the case.

Continued …

Original Novel by Sunil Doiphode
English Version by Mugdha Apte


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