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Ch-66B: Zero mystery ( Online Novel - Zero )

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Reporters started firing questions at John -

“ Who is Dr. Kayum Khan?”

“ How Vinay Joshi and Dr. Kayum Khan came together”

“ Which organization they belonged to?”

“ How both of them got killed? At least one of them should have survived”

“ Is police trying to hide something?”

“ Can we assume that the problem is solved by killing both of them?”

“ How deep this terrorism is going to be?”

“ Hindu terrorism, Is it one more terrorism in the list?’’

“ One at a time please” John said confidently and sternly.

Crowd became calm for a while.

“ Today I have got all the answers related to this case .. .Therefore you need not hurry ... and since the case is closed I am totally free that way...” First time John was talking freely before reporters.

Some of the reporters giggled, the environment around became free.

One of them came forward to ask a question -
“ I think America is facing the Hindu terrorism for the first time... How seriously we should take it?”

John answered -
“ The incidence of a Zero mystery is not a simple some kind another daily incident... It’s been a first incident in the American history, so wisely and perfectly planned. When we went to the root of this incident, we found some important facts. When you will come to know about these facts, I think you will totally agree with me.
Fact no. 1 - The ‘Zero mystery’ is nowhere related to Hindu terrorism or Hindu religion. They are purposely related, in fact such an illusion is created so that the enemy could achieve their desired goals.
Fact no. 2 - Father of 'Zero mystery' Dr. Kayum Khan is not concerned with any Hindu organization, in fact he is a member of a terrorist organization.
Fact no.3 - 'Zero mystery' could be called as proxy terrorism. Their objective behind conducting this operation was to ruin the relations between India and America, which are getting better these days, and in turn ruin their economies.

John took a deep breath before continuing -
“Therefore I would like to inform the whole world through you that 'Zero mystery' operation is not a Hindu terrorism, but such illusion is created purposely by them.... Whoever we are ... may be American or Indians we should not be victims of that illusion.... it would be equally harmful for both... Americans and Indians... ''

'' But what about the audio released on the Internet? ... It gives some different message and impression.'' Another reporter asked.

John regarded him and spoke,

" It was an attempt to provoke Indians and Americans against each other, and unfortunately to some extent they have succeeded in it."

" As you said... I don't think so called 'Zero mystery' or whatever, would be that much harmful as you are creating the picture, except few riots here and there" One of the reporter commented.

" As they created havoc in this city by operating 'Zero mystery' .. they were planning to start similar operation in the other major cities of America too... But fortunately we caught them before they could continue... In all these incidences at first glance we see that there would not be much harm to America... But if we see in depth, the picture would be different.... Today India is the only country whose majority of people are working here, some of them got American nationality too.. If all these people are made ineffective at once by provoking or by other means ... it will adversely affect our economy... Similarly most of American companies have invested in India... In India if adverse conditions are created for these companies.. it will also affect American Economy... the effect is twofold..."

“And what India is going to loose in this episode?" One of the reporters, whose base must be Indian, asked.

John wanted break badly, but nobody was ready to allow him to take break. He continued..

“Most of the people preset here must be aware that during nineties there was a time when Indian Economy was on verge of collapsing... For foreign exchange they were required to sell their reserved gold at that time... But subsequently the Indian economy improved due to NRI investment in their country... One good thing also happened at that time... the software industry in India flourished..
And subsequently they started outsourcing for American companies... Today also the situation is such that the Indian economy is mostly dependant on outsourcing. If this 'Zero mystery' thing aggravates and persists for some more time...Indian economy would definitely collapse... People may agree or deny... Today situation is that India and America, both are dependants on each other." John had analyzed and explained the whole situation like an expert economist.

" By killing Dr. Kayum Khan and Vinay Joshi can we say that the problem is solved?'' One more reporter asked.

'' Unfortunately the answer to your question is 'No' ... Because they tried to make the relationship between America and India sore and tense... And the people like Dr. Kayum Khan and Vinay Joshi are simply instruments at their hands... Such operations would be tried in the future too... only the difference would be instead of Dr. Kayum Khan and Vinay Joshi, somebody else would be acting in their place."

" Then what is the way out?'' the reporter continued.

" There is only one way out.. American and Indian people should keep their minds calm and act wisely, understanding the purpose and seriousness in such incidences ... They should immediately stop riots... Because if it does not happen, it would be as good as they are successful in their objective... and it would lead to our own downfall... and then nobody would be able to overcome ... Now the time has come when people should become alert and wise.. They should not allow themselves to be victims of odd provoking..."

Now the reporters questions did not remain concerned with the main topic, they turned their attention to the one of the major global concern 'terrorism'. Therefore John thought it is better to wind up now, because 'terrorism' was not the topic of the press conference and he did not feel proper to talk on such issue, which was not his authority. The topic 'Zero mystery' for which the press conference was called, he felt almost all the sides of the topic he had touched and given the complete information to the reporters.

As he was about to wind up, a reporter said,

" You just can't run away from your responsibilities by handing over everything to the public" he said sarcastically.

John was about to turn, stopped,

" I never said so... whatever the responsibilities police had they will always stick to it...But since terrorism is not a simple incident ... its a phenomenon... therefore the public has more responsibilities... I just wish and pray that they understand their responsibilities'' John snapped.

" I think I have given the sufficient information about the case ... thank you" John turned to leave the press conference. On the way, the reporters were blocking his way to ask questions. The other policemen helped him to reach his vehicle through the jam pack crowd of reporters.

Continued …

Original Novel by Sunil Doiphode
English Version by Mugdha Apte


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