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Ch-67A: we all come from void (Zero) and vanish in void (zero) at last. ( Novels - Zero )

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John was driving his car in full speed. As the car came out of the city, the traffic on the road reduced, the feeling of loneliness troubled him more intensely. As John saw on the road side, the locality and the houses also became sparser as he was leaving the city behind. After traveling some distance outside the city, his car took left turn and started running on the boulder road, poorly built road. A cloud of dust rose up as he was driving on the road. He had to slow down his car due to the quality of the road and the dust rising in the way. Though the distance on the boulder road was not much, but it took about half an hour to reach the destination. At last his car stopped by the large wire fence. He got down parking the vehicle at the road side. He picked up the huge wreath from the back seat. He looked ahead; a huge rusted board of cemetery was hanged on the gate. Carrying the wreath he entered the cemetery. He walked in with heave heart and trembling legs.. He reached atomb. He glanced at the letters carved on the tomb. It was Anjeni’s tomb.

His Anjeni...

He offered the wreath on her tomb, stood quiet for a while with closed eyes and wished peace for her soul. The memories of her serious, naughty, innocent moods flashed through his mind. When he opened his eyes,  his eyes were welled up.

They had chosen to spend their life with each other...

But it didn’t worked..

Do our desires have any value? ...

Human desires had zero value... we are just a puppet in the hands of our destinies.. .

His tears tricked down his cheeks, and a drop fell on the tomb exactly in the center of the wreath. As he looked at the wreath he thought -

Really how strange human life is! We all come from void (Zero) and vanish in void (zero) at last....

Continued …

Original Novel by Sunil Doiphode
English Version by Mugdha Apte


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