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English novel - Aghast : Ch-10 I am sorry

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This Novel in English

Horror, suspense, thriller online English Novel 

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It was dark in the corridor. The lights that should have been there were either stolen or broken by residents. A shadowy image walked down the corridor, slowly. And a few steps away from it were John, Anthony, and two of their friends; all crouched down, hiding behind a pillar. It seemed that they had decided today was the day to catch the thief, whatever the outcome. They were hiding behind the pillar for what seemed like forever, waiting for the thief to appear. As soon as they saw the shadow, their faces filled with delight. Finally, their efforts were going to be paid off, they thought. A joyful whispering started amongst them. 

“Careful.... this is going to be a our best chance to get him.” John murmured in a low voice, in order to encourage quietness.

They moved forward and hid behind another pillar. They were fully prepared and had preplanned, distributing individual tasks amongst them. One friend carried a black blanket with him. 

“ He's stopped... “ John said in low voice. 

The shadow stopped at one of the rooms. 

“ Whose room is that...? “ One of them asked.

“ Mary’s....”  Anthony answered.

The figure stood in front of Mary’s door, placing the key into the keyhole.

“ He has the key?”  Somebody whispered.

“ Must be a master key”

“ Or maybe a duplicate key. He seems well prepared”

“ He can’t deny it now ... we've caught him red handed.” John said enthusiastically. 

John and Anthony glanced back and signaled their friends to move forward. 

“ Come on... Let’s do it.” Anthony said.

The figure was trying to open the lock. 
Suddenly all of them rushed over to him. Anthony covered the thief with the blanket. John held him firmly. 

“ Hey first let’s beat him’’

His other friends started beating the thief.

“ Asshole...”

“ Show us where you have hidden the stuff.”

“ Uuuu ...Aaaa...” From under the blanket a trapped voice was coming, 

Suddenly the front door opened. Mary came out in confusion. She must have heard the noises going on in front of her room. As the door opened it illuminated the trapped figure in the blanket. 

“ What is going on here? “ Merry asked scared. 

“ We have caught the thief” Anthony said.

“ He was opening your door with the duplicate key” John said.

While holding the trapped thief, John felt something odd on thief’s body. In confusion, John put both his hands inside the blanket. As he put his hands inside, his grip eased and the image immediately came out. 

“Oh my God Nancy? Mary cried.

Nancy Collins, around 22 was a beautiful girl from their class. John was confused, still holding her breasts. She released herself and slapped John hard as she could.

Johns was clueless not knowing what to do next, he blurted out “I'm sorry. I'm really sorry”

“ We're sorry “ Anthony promptly apologized

“ But what are you all doing here at this time of the night? “ Mary asked in surprise, approaching Nancy and helping her to get up.

“Idiot... I was trying to surprise you. I came to wish you a happy birthday”  Nancy said in irritation. 

“ Oh, thank you... I mean sorry... are you OK?” Mary asked in confusion.

She then took Nancy into her room. As John tried to enter the room to apologize her, the door slammed shut in his face. 

...continued ...

Original Novel by Sunil Doiphode
English Version by Adam Hughes

This Novel in English

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