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English novel - Aghast : Ch-7 Ronald Parker

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This Novel in English

Horror, suspense, thriller online English Novel 

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Ronald Parker, aged around 25, a stylish and handsome man, was slept in his bedroom. He was stirring impatiently indicating that he was disturbed. For a while, he tried to sleep, stirring, moving, but sleep would not come. He got out of his bed, took a look around and then sat down again. He took a magazine from beside the bed, lied back and leafed through it. There was a nude figure on the front cover. 
Sex is the best way to relax, he thought to himself.
 Suddenly a loud ‘THUD’ sound came from the other room.
Startled and disturbed from his pleasurable thoughts,  he got up. 

What sound is it?

I’ve never heard it before..

Why am I so afraid and disturbed?...

Probably because of the mood I have been in today...

He went to the bedroom door, and unlocked it. He slowly opened the door and peeked outside.

After he looked around in the house, he entered the foyer, switched on the lights, and looked around. There was nothing odd or out of place. 

Everything is as it is...

He switched off the lights and went into the kitchen. 

In the kitchen, it was also dark. He switched on the lights and glanced around. Again, everything was in order.  Now he seemed to have overcome from his fears. 

There is nothing there.

Unnecessary I got scared...

As he was about to return to his room, something in the sink caught his attention. His eyes widened, fear crept over his face and he began to sweat. He started trembling. 
He saw a severed piece of flesh on the sink with blood swimming around it. Without losing a second he ran from the kitchen. He was not sure what to do next. He went to the bedroom, slammed shut the door and latched it from the inside. 

...continued  ...

Original Novel by Sunil Doiphode
English Version by Adam Hughes

This Novel in English

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