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English novel - Aghast : Ch-8 golf

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This Novel in English

Horror, suspense, thriller online English Novel 

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Sam was playing golf. It seemed that it was his daily practice to play golf in order to overcome his daily stress and tensions. He placed his ball on the tee, swung back and hit the ball hard. It then shot through the air, travelling directly for the green. When the ball eventually landed, it bounced three times and trembled slowly towards the hole stopping around six feet away. Sam went to the ball. He began to read the green, estimating the slope of the ground as he had done a thousand times before. He placed his putter behind the ball, slowly pulled back and then made perfect contact hitting the ball in the right direction with the right force. It treakled up to the cup face and dropped right into the hole. Sam's face beamed with triumph. This moment of pleasure was temporary though as his mobile rang. He saw the display caller. But the number seemed to be new. 

He pressed the button and attended the phone, ''Yes'' 

" Detective Baker here" came the voice from other side.

" Yes", Sam said, placing on his glove, preparing for the next hole.

" If I am not mistaken, you are in charge of the serial killer case ...'' 

'' Yeah" 

As there was the mention of  the serial killer case, Sam abandoned the thought of continuing his game.

" If you could come down and meet me, I've got some information about the case which might be useful." Baker said from the other end.

'' Yeah, Sure" He motioned his caddy to begin walking back to the clubhouse.

Sam fixed with Baker the time and place to meet and accompanied the caddy for the walk back. 

... continued  ...

Original Novel by Sunil Doiphode
English Version by Adam Hughes

This Novel in English

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