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English novel - Aghast : Ch-9 A few days ago

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This Novel in English

Horror, suspense, thriller online English Novel 

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 Sam was sat across from Detective Baker. Detective Baker was in charge of his particular police station. As soon as his phone had rung, Sam had lost all desire to play golf- this was more important. Immediately he had left and came to Detective Baker’s presinct instead of going to his own. As they completed their ‘Hi.. Nice to meet you’ formalities, Sam sat across him to listen to the information he had about the case. Detective Baker took a long pause. Though Sam did not show it on his face, his curiosity had reached to its peak. 

Detective Baker started to reveal the story, “A few days ago a case came to me.....

.... It was a beautiful town, beautiful green grass and quiet houses all around. The groups of houses seemed to be like groups of twinkling stars spread everywhere in the sky. And in the middle of the house groups was an ancient college building nestled in the town. 

In the college corridor there was a rush of students, as it was break time. Some students were chit chatting in groups while others were roaming around. John Carter, age around 22, smart, handsome, and his friend Anthony Clark, also aged around 22, were walking in the corridor, making their way through the halls like every other college students. 

John had told his friend, “Anthony, let’s go and sit in Dr. Albert’s class.”

“Are you sure? “ Anthony said back in surprise, “I mean, you ok?”

“Just, let’s go and check. Is he still here or did he leave already?” John must have said. Both of them burst out laughing as if remembering some incident.

Suddenly, while he is walking, John hints at a boy passing by. Anthony looked at him quizzically. 

“ That's the boy who's been stealing from the dorms.” John told him in low voice. 

By that time the boy had crossed them. Anthony looked back at the boy. Anthony also had lost a few things from his room. 

“How do you know? “ Anthony asked. 

“Just look at him.. Don’t you feel like he is a trained thief “ John said.

“That’s not sufficient enough! We need some proof” Anthony said.

“Alex also told me... He's seen him loitering around in the dorms late at night.” John said.

“ Really? Ok then. Let's teach him a lesson.” Anthony said enthusiastically. 

“ Yeah, one that he'll remember forever. “ John added.

“ If he lives that long.”  

Both of them laughed.

...continued  ...

Original Novel by Sunil Doiphode
English Version by Adam Hughes

This Novel in English

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