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English novel - Aghast : Ch-11 Shameless

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This Novel in English

Horror, suspense, thriller online English Novel 

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The students were in class. John and his two friends were sat on a desk. John's attention was not in the classroom, however. He seemed to be restless, waiting for the lesson to finish. He glanced through the students, looking at Nancy. Yet she was busy taking notes and paid no attention to him. He remembered the incident last and felt guilty about it.
What must she think about him now?...
In front of his friends and Mary, he should not have done it.
He definitely should not have done it...
But whatever happened, it was by mistake..
How could he have ever known that it wasn’t a thief but Nancy...
No, but he should try to apologize to her...
But he tried it yesterday night...
And she slammed  the door back in his face...
No. He should keep trying until she eventually accepts his apology..
As he was deep in thought, the school bell rang. It was break time.
Let’s go, thought John.
This is a good time to apologize...
He got up and was about to go to Nancy when she disappeared into a mob of girls. 

The college corridor was flooded with a rush of students. Many were chit chatting in groups. John and his friends rushed through the students looking for Nancy. 
Where the hell has she gone?...
Just now he had seen her joining a group of girls...
John and his two friends were trying to find her. Finally, they found Nancy standing in the corner, chatting with her friends. 

“ Come on, let’s go” John said to his friends

“ You better go alone... I don’t think we are needed” one of his friends hesitated.

“ No.. you have to” said John, almost pulling them over to her.

When John and his friends approached her, Nancy ignored them. She kept herself busy by chatting. John went closer still to catch her attention. But she kept on ignoring him. Away from them, on the other side of the corridor, Anthony passed by, wishing good luck to John by signalling a thumbs up gesture. 

“ Nancy ... I'm sorry. “ John awkwardly said with all of his other classmates present. 

Nancy uncaringly looked at him. John was tense and became tenser still finding her ignoring him. Seeing that John was sweating, his other friends took control.

“ We were trying to catch the thief” one of them said.

“ He's been stealing from us”  the other added.

“ Nancy ...I'm really sorry... I really didn’t mean it.... Just I was trying to...” John gathered his courage and continued. 

While apologizing, John made different postures in an attempt to explain Nancy his story. Really, he was not sure what he was talking about or  why he was making such gestures. Finally, he stopped and held one single posture. When he stopped, he realized again that his hands had stopped awkwardly, covering Nancy’s breast, though not touching them. Nancy realized the same. John suddenly retracted his hands. Her angry eyes flashed with rage at him and again slapped him hard. 

“ Shameless” she said and left furiously.

Before John could say anything she was gone. When he recovered, he found himself caressing his cheek. be continued in next post ...

Original Novel by Sunil Doiphode
English Version by Adam Hughes

This Novel in English

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1 comment:

  1. Poor John...!! Nancy shud hv 4givn him aftr d 2nd slap. After al it wasn't hs fault bt whn wil Nancy undrztnd if nt dn??...Moral:Girls nevr realy try 2 undrztnd boys n instead try finding faults in them no matter whatsoevr!!