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English novel - Aghast : Ch-14 Things never change on its own... we need to change them

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Chapter 14

A female teacher was taking the class. The students were listening intently. Amongst the students were Nancy and John.

 “So, the moral of the story is that it is better to make some decision rather than not making any at all. Be on this side or that, not hanging around in between” was the teacher’s attempt at summing up the gist of the story. 

Nancy sneaked a look at John, their eyes meeting. They shared a loving smile.
Nancy showed a notebook to John on which was written ‘LIBRARY’ in bold letters. John nodded in affirmation. After some time, the school bell rang and the students slowly dispersed. 

John entered the library, looking for Nancy as usual. Since it was a break time, no students were in the library, as hardly anyone studied during this time. Nancy was reading, or rather pretending to read, a book whilst sitting in a corner. Nancy glanced over and their eyes met. She got up and started to move behind a book shelf. John also followed her. No communication signals were needed. This appeared to be their daily practice. Though Nancy was going behind the bookshelf without a word, her mind was filled with thoughts
Whatever may happen today I have to take the final decision...
For how many days will we be hanging around in between like this?
What the teacher concluded after the chapter was actually right...
We have to take some definite decision...
Either one side or the other...
Now, enough is enough...
John, following her, also had many thoughts in his mind.
Generally, Nancy used to signal him after the period was over...
But this time, she had signaled during the period...
There was probably something wrong at home...
From her face, she seemed to be in a dilemma...
Did she change her mind under the pressure of her parents?
So many thoughts of so many things were revolving in his mind.

As Nancy reached the place from where they could not be seen, she stood in the corner on one leg, resting the other on the wall behind, waiting for John. When John reached her, he stood in front of her, trying to read her expressions. 

“So, it’s decided, today at eleven o’ clock. Be ready” Nancy said.

John felt relieved knowing that Nancy had still not surrendered to her parents. 
But to what was going on in that head of hers?...
Is it not strange, her behaviour that day?...

“Nancy, don’t you think we are rushing into things. We should wait for a few days. Let’s see if things change” John tried to convince her.

“ John, things never change on their own. We need to change them” Nancy said firmly.

They were discussing this for quite some time. John still was not sure about where she stood.
But in one way, she was right...
Sometimes, it is better to make immediate decisions...
John contemplated this. 
But am I ready for that ...
Am I ignoring my parents totally?...
But day, eventually, we need to break this deadlock...
John was trying to come to some decision so that he could remain firm on it later. 

Behind the racks, where John and Nancy were discussing this, there were two further racks, behind which somebody was listening to their conversation, hiding. be continued in next post ...

Original Novel by Sunil Doiphode
English Version by Adam Hughes


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  1. What must b goin on in the mind of Nancy-is she thnkin abt eloping with John???

  2. from where i get the 2nd part


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