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English novel - Aghast : Ch-15 Decision (English books literature)

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Chapter - 15

Many thoughts were circling John’s mind. Whatever the decision he was going to now make, he was thinking about the consequences. From the discussion in the library, he was now sure about three things.
Firstly, this was the first time he was exposed to the sternness of Nancy.
He was sure that she would never leave him... or never even think about it...
Yet now, he was beginning to doubt himself.
Secondly, is he sufficiently stern within like Nancy?...
Is he capable of sticking to her in bad times too?...
Thirdly, will the bad times change him?...
He was contemplating and judging himself. 
But no... I have to be stern and firm.
I need to take some firm action.
Once the decision is taken, I have to stick to it, regardless of whatever happens afterwards..
Ultimately, John made his mind.

John closed the door and started to pack his necessary items into a bag.
Will everything be okay?...
Should I tell my parents?...
John finished packing his belongings. 

He changed his clothes and pondered over what he was doing. Some item was left. He put it in his bag and zipped it up. He heard the peculiar sound of the zip, which he always liked. He held and kept the bag on the table and rested himself on a chair. He must have relaxed for few seconds, when his mobile vibrated. He looked at the display screen. It read ‘Nancy’. Immediately, he got up, picked up the bag and cautiously exited the room.

Slowly and vigilantly, John came out of the main door and pulled it closed. 
Ambling, he came out of the compound gate and pulled that closed too. On the road, Nancy was waiting for him, sitting in the taxi. He walked over to it. Their eyes meet; they shared a smile. 

John squeezed in beside Nancy and closed the door, taking care that it didn’t bang loudly.
They hugged each other sharing a tender look and a winning smile. Their taxi drove off. 

Now their taxi was far away from their houses and was moving with some speed. Nancy and John were now enjoying the cold breeze of the air coming in from the open taxi window. But were they aware of the fact that one more taxi was following them. 

..... Detective Baker took a break while telling the story. Sam looked at him, wondering why he had stopped. Baker picked up a glass of water kept in front of him and took a swig. When the office boy came in with refreshments, Baker gestured that he served Sam and his staff first. be continued in next post ...

Original Novel by Sunil Doiphode
English Version by Adam Hughes


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  1. Its really exciting and interestings tory..its creating excitement wat will happen next.just cant stop reading

  2. Its also a great novel like "Elove " & "Hole".. with so many twists & turns...and encourages us to move every next page of this novel...its only because of Suspense .When we stopped reading in between then our mind don't sit quietly and give us a command to read next Chapter. U r Great Mr.Sunil. Please keep posting novels like this. :)


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