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English novel - Aghast : Ch-16 Good bye! (English books literature)

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Chapter 16

Due to the appearance of the office boy, there was an interruption in the story being told by Baker. Sam and his partner’s curiosity had reached its peak and they now eagerly awaited the remaining part of the story. After all of them had finished their refreshments, Detective Baker continued to narrate the rest of the tale...

... The taxi had reached the railway station. John and Nancy got out, paid the driver and went to the ticket window carrying their bags. They still had not decided where to go. They just wanted to leave the city. A train, ready to leave, was waiting at the platform. John asked the lady at the ticket window if he could buy two tickets for that particular train. After buying the tickets, they were searching for their compartment. They didn’t find it with too great difficulty, as the compartment was not too far from the main door. They heard the last warning bell and rushed into their compartment. After they searched for their seats, they kept their luggage, taking care of its safety. Suddenly, the train started to move. As the train started to leave, Nancy rushed to the compartment door taking John with her. She wanted to see her city for the very last time. Nancy and John were sitting beside each other. As they ran away, they had lost all of their home support and, now, they only had each other’s support. They had left behind all of their relations, all of their dear ones. Nancy’s head rested on John’s shoulder.                                                                            

“So, how you are feeling now?” John asked trying to ease the atmosphere.                                                                                     

“Feeling great!” she replied, pretending to be happy.
 John knew though she was not showing the kind of lonely emotions she was going through. John held Nancy firmly.                                                          

 “Do you remember something?” John asked her, smiling, holding her more firmly.“A special incident when I held you like this.”                       

 “How could I forget?” She remembered the hostile incidence when he had trapped her in the blanket, holding her down firmly.                                 

“ And you too...” Nancy caressed his cheeks, reminding him of the slap she had thrown. 

Nancy and John burst out laughing. When their laughs subsided, Nancy said, looking at him fondly, “I love you.”                                                                                           

“I love you too” came the response.

They embraced in a tight hug. Nancy was staring out of the window, though there was nothing but complete darkness outside. John looked at Nancy.     

“Do you know why I was holding that flower bouquet?” John said reminding, her of the incident when he apologized. 

How could she forget?  In fact, it was the moment when their love story began.                                                                                        

“Obviously, to apologize.” Nancy said curiously.                                       

“No ...No ... to stop my hands from making any unpleasant postures, which could lead to another slap.” Nancy and John burst out laughing again. 

Their laughter died slowly. There was some silence, joined by the sound of a running train. Suddenly, Nancy had a gut feeling that someone was following them and was in their compartment. But how was that possible? Because nobody knew about their running away except John and her. be continued in next post ...

Original Novel by Sunil Doiphode
English Version by Adam Hughes


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