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English literature Novel – Aghast : Ch-17 The Game

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Chapter 17

Crowds of people were moving onto the platform with their belongings. Many of them, whilst carrying their luggage, were struggling to find a way through. Many were worried that their train might have arrived and that they may miss it. On the platform, in the corner, was a gang of four men - Steven, Paul, Christopher, and Ronald, playing cards and waiting for their train to arrive. Christopher Anderson, who was around 25, stern looking and physically strong, seemed to be their leader. Christopher looked up at the information screen overhead.

"Still plenty of time before our train arrives. We can play at least three more games" he said whilst dealing the cards.

" Paul, write the score on this slip.... " Ronald said as he removed a paper slip from his pocket using one hand while his other hand held the cards. 

He handed the slip over to Steven who passed it onto Paul.    

"And Steve, don’t try to cheat" Paul warned. 

As Christopher finished dealing, suddenly something caught his attention. He kept on staring in anticipation. In the crowd were Nancy and John holding each other's hands. The way they walked and looked around made it easy for anybody to notice that they were new in this town. Christopher’s mouth remained partly open and his eyes widened.                                  

" What a beauty!" he exclaimed. 

Steven, Paul and Ronald also took a glance and were soon unable to avert their eyes. Her beauty infatuated them.     

"The lovebirds seem to be running away from their nests" Christopher's experienced eyes concluded.                                                             

"I wish I were that guy with her" Paul said.

Christopher snatched back the cards from each of them and said                                                   " Hey, look. Let’s play a real game."                                                     

Their faces beamed with happiness as they knew the hidden meaning behind what he said. In fact, it was not the first time that they had played this particular game. All of them cheered in unison and stood up.                                                                                                        

"Hey ... look... we shouldn’t lose them" Ronald said.                         

So they started to follow Nancy and John, keeping a safe distance so that they could not notice them.                                                              

“Steven, you better go ahead, as you can’t see properly through your glasses” said Christopher, pushing Steven ahead. Steven went ahead running, taking care that Nancy and John still didn’t notice him.

Nancy and John wandered around the city throughout the day. They did not realize how quickly time passed. Now it was evening. John and Nancy were walking on a sidewalk, their hands entangled. Ahead, they saw a street vendor selling red heart-shaped balloons. They walked over and John generously bought a bunch. He gave it to Nancy. The thread then broke, as it was not strong enough, and the balloons started flying up into the sky. John then ran, trying to grab the balloons by jumping at them, but could not succeed. The heart shaped, red balloons, colliding with each other, were going up into the sky. Nancy burst out laughing seeing John’s struggle to retrieve the balloons. Yet, far behind John and Nancy were Christopher, Ronald, Steven and Paul, following them unnoticed. Nancy and John stopped at another street vendor for ice cream. They bought one and started eating a single ice cream together. Whilst eating, Nancy giggled, seeing some ice cream on John’s face.                                                                                         

“What’s wrong?” John asked in surprise.                                             

“Look at yourself” Nancy said pointing to a vehicle mirror nearby. 

John then looked into the mirror and burst out laughing. He then cleared the ice cream which he had on his face and tenderly looked at Nancy.                                                                                         

“When you think about it, we like the same things” Nancy said.          

“You know, it’s a perfect match” John said proudly. 

While eating ice cream, Nancy’s attention was caught by Christopher’s odd stare from a distance. As soon as their eyes met, he averted his stare. Nancy felt some oddity in his look and his overall demeanor.                                   

“John, I think we should move.” Nancy then started to move forward and John began to follow her, confused by her sudden change of mood. 

After they walked for a short distance, they entered a clothing shop. It was now around 10’ O clock at night. Nancy was going through the dresses on display inside the shop. Nancy wondered whether or not the boy was still following them. She peeked out of the shop though a slit. As she looked through the slit, again her attention was caught by Ronald and Christopher discussing something outside.                                                                                      

“John, don’t look back. I think we are being followed” Nancy said in a low voice, as John was stood where he could still be spotted by them. 

“By who? Where?” John asked in confusion.                                            

“Let's move. I don’t want them to find us.” She then took him outside the shop and they began running up the sidewalk, pushing people out of the way. be continued in next post ...

Original Novel by Sunil Doiphode
English Version by Adam Hughes


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  1. John n Nancy's luv story nw turning in2 a strange twist of fate - they r being follwed by 4 rascals...GOD SAVE D COUPLE!!


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