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Englsih online Novel – Aghast : Ch-18 Scare makes one weak

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Chapter 18

Now Nancy was completely sure that they were being followed. Both her and John were panicked and confused as the town was completely strange to them. To get rid of the group of men, they were running up wherever the roads lead them to. At last, they reached an area which was virtually empty. Nancy looked behind. Christopher and his friends were right behind them. Her heart skipped a beat. John wasn’t sure what to do next. All they could do was to walk as fast as they could so that they could get rid of them. As Nancy and John walked ahead, the road was dark; there was nobody on the road other than them and the guys following.                                                                                                

"It seems they saw us" Steven pointed out to his friends.                         

"Let them" Christopher said uncaringly.                                                      

"They seem to be scared of us now" Paul said.                                       

"They should ... In fact it’s the scare which is going to work now.... Sometimes, a scare makes one weak" Ronald explained. 

John looked back and saw them approaching quickly towards them.                           

“ Nancy! Come on, let’s run” John said, gripping her hand tight. 

Holding each other’s hands, they started running.                            

“Shall we go to the police?” Nancy said, gasping.                             

“Where are the police around here? And if we decide to go, they might be already for searching us....” John somehow managed to say whilst running.

Nancy and John then entered a narrow alley. Christopher and his friends also started running behind them. As they were about to follow them into the alley, a big truck pulled across blocking their pathway. They waited until the truck drove away. When the truck passed, they saw that the alley was empty. They then ran  down the alley and stopped at the other end looking around for them but failing. Christopher and his friends looked all around them, standing in the small square. However, they were not able to see them.                                                                                                       

“Let's all split up and find them. We can’t lose them” Christopher said. 

They then spread in all different directions. Nancy and John were hiding in a large drainage pipe lying beside the road. They tried to squeeze themselves in more as they heard footsteps of somebody running towards them. Now they were completely trapped with no chance of escape. They just had to keep calm and squeeze their eyes shut just like a cat, as they didn’t have any option other than that. Suddenly, Steven came running near the pipe. John and Nancy were silent so they didn’t give themselves away easily. He came closer still and looked around. 

They could hear his frustrated words,“Where the fuck are they?” 

Steven saw the pipe and thought maybe they could be hiding in there. He went closer for an inspection. He was about to bend down to look into the pipe when                                 

“ Steve, come here quickly.” It was Christopher calling out for him loudly. 

Steven then went over to Christopher and began to move away. John and Nancy sighed in relief when hearing his departing footsteps. be continued in next post ...

Original Novel by Sunil Doiphode
English Version by Adam Hughes


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