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English novels – Aghast CH 29 Special mission

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Chapter 29

Sam was pondering over something whilst having a discussion with his partner in between his thoughts. 

"There’s one thing I don’t understand" Sam told his partner, staring into space. 

"What?" his partner asked.

"Up until now, three murders have happened, right?" 

" Yes...So?"  

" During all the murders, George was aware of who was going to be murdered and when he was going to be murdered” Sam said. 

" Yes"

" Moreover, during the third murder, George was in custody." 

" Yes, you are right" his partner replied.

" What does this mean?" Sam asked, almost to himself.

" That his black magic is working even whilst he is behind bars" his partner concluded enthusiastically.

" Don't talk nonsense" Sam snapped. "Try to think rationally" Sam continued, trying to control his rage.

His partner's face gloomed. 
Some time passed without any conversation.

" Look, when we went into George's house, we noticed one thing" 

" What?" his partner asked.

" That his house was so ventilated that everything was visible and audible in his neighbourhood" Sam said.

" Yes ... so what?" His partner looked at him in confusion.

A flash of thought struck the detective’s mind and suddenly Sam got up. His face beamed with happiness as if some puzzle had been solved. 
His partner also got up without understanding the reason for Sam’s change in mood.

“Come on" Sam said, moving to the door in hurry.

His partner followed him. 
Abruptly Sam stopped, turned and instructed his partner,
" Okay do one thing. Tell the team to be ready for a special mission."

His partner was totally confused. He was not understanding what his boss was up to. 
Special mission?...
Has he found the killer?...
But whatever they had discussed, it did not imply anything like that..
Then what does he want to achieve with the special mission?...
Before his partner could ask anything, Sam went out of the door before stopping, looking back and saying sternly,                        
"Hurry up! That was an order!"

Immediately, the partner came into action, picked up his phone and dialled a number.

... continued ...

Original Novel by Sunil Doiphode
English Version by Adam Hughes


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