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English free Novel – Aghast : Ch-19 I promise

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Chapter 19

In the hotel room which Nancy and John had booked, they sat on their beds across from one another. John gently brushed some hairs from her face.                                                                                                    

“I was scared that they might have found us” Nancy said.                     

She was still unable to come out of the panic she felt.                          

“No need to worry sweetheart. I won't let anything happen to you. I promise you” John tried to console her. 

She looked at him with great pride. His consoling words really worked, almost like a medicine, she thought. Slowly, John slipped near Nancy. She looked into his eyes. John was unable to avert his eyes from hers. They stared at each other for a long while. They noticed that their heartbeats and breaths were increasing. Gently, embracing one another, they lied down on the bed. John leaned onto her and held her face in his hands as if he wanted to stare at her forever. Gradually, he lowered himself on her and his warm lips gently rested on her soft lips. They passionately started kissing. In the excitement, John rolled on the bed holding Nancy firmly. Thud, the sound came - they both fell on the floor. John fell over Nancy. Nancy pushed him away, screaming with pain.                                                                                                      

“Aahhh! You trying to break my legs, or what?’’ Nancy screamed.      

John got up, trying to hold her.                                                              

“I am sorry. I am so sorry” John apologized. 

Nancy pretended to get ready to hit John. John pulled back his head and closed his eyes with fear. Nancy grinned. She pulled his face towards her, holding firmly, and kissed his lips wildly. He also responded. They didn’t care to get up from the floor; in fact they did not want to waste a single moment. They made out on the bare floor. Suddenly, there was a gentle knock on the door. A frightful silence. Was the knock real or just a hallucination? Again, there was another knock but this time a little louder. 

It may be room service...                                                        

“Who’s there?” John asked loudly.                                                        

“It’s the police...” came the voice from outside. “It’s important that we talk to you.” 

Both of them slowly got up from the floor and shared an apprehensive look. Nancy buttoned up her top whilst John buttoned his shirt. How the hell had the police reached here was a mystery to both of them. John went to the door and looked through the peephole. Nothing was visible, only darkness. As he unlatched and tried to see through the slit, all four of Christopher, Ronald, Paul and Steven entered forcefully into the room. Before they knew what was going on, Christopher locked the door from the inside. Ronald made Nancy quiet by keeping his knife on her neck. Christopher also placed a knife on John’s neck, as part of a preplanned thoughtful move. Now everything was in their control. They shared an evil, victorious smile                            

“Steve, fix his mouth” Christopher ordered. 

As Nancy tried to scream, Ronald kept his other powerful hand over her mouth.                                  

“Paul, fix her too.” Steven fixed John’s mouth, hands, and legs with tape. 

Paul fixed Nancy’s mouth and hands in the same manner. The way they have executed the thing until now, they seemed to be professionals and experienced in such activities. Now, a wicked smile crept over Christopher’s face.                                                                 

“Hey, put something over his eyes. He might not be able to bear it.” Christopher said. 

Steven fixed a bandana over John’s eyes. Now, John was able to see only the dark yet was still able to hear the laughter of the four intruders and the helpless moaning of Nancy. be continued in next post ...

Original Novel by Sunil Doiphode
English Version by Adam Hughes


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  1. Shit! D rascals finaly found them...but they hv no business to b here... Don't evn xcpt them 2 outrage d modesty of John's luv...!


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