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An Entertaining Novel - Aghast Ch - 25 Black Magic

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Chapter 25

In the police station, a man was sitting across from Sam’s empty chair. The detective then rushed in and occupied it.

"So, you have information about the case?" Sam asked.

" Yes, sir." the man said.

Sam looked at him and waited for him to speak further.

"Actually, in my neighbourhood, Nancy’s brother, George, lives." 

The man started to narrate the story...

... In a small colony, there was a house: a highly ventilated house. The things going on inside were visible for the rest of the neighbourhood. 
A man sitting in the foyer could be seen from the window. It was George, Nancy’s brother. Grown beard, disorganized hairs. This time, he appeared more undone and eerier than before. He was sitting in his foyer, in front of the fireplace. He held a cloth made doll, probably made by himself.
He picked up something from a plate kept on his right side and murmured some unintelligible words.                                                 

“Abs thee baa rass keyeetin stata”

He threw the material from the plate onto the fireplace. The fire blazed up. 
Again, he murmured some similar unintelligible words.                                                                                                             

“Katsii Nantdi Vasharpat rerrat stata”.

Again, he threw the material kept on the plate onto the fireplace. The fireplace blazed, this time more wildly. He kept aside the doll, bowed against the fireplace and rubbed his forehead on the ground. 

A man was watching this from the outside. 

The man saw that George had got up and made a strange shrieking sound. The man watching from the neighborhood was startled. 
George held the doll and again made the strange shrieking sound. An eerie silence then fell. Eerie silence spread everywhere. 

“I hope you’re ready to die Steven” George said to the doll.

“No... I don’t want to die, George I apologize I am very sorry. I'll do anything for you, please forgive me” George was mimicking a voice for the doll, as if it was pleading.

“You will do anything? Can you bring back my sister?” George said in his own voice.

“No! How can I do that? It’s not in my power. I can do anything but that” the doll then replied, via George’s voice.

“Is it? ...then be ready, give me your life.” George talked with the doll.

The man was still listening and watching, now hiding just behind the window. 

It was midnight and the street was empty. George vigilantly came out of his house and looked around. He hid the doll in a bag he was carrying. He locked the door.
Coming out of the gate, he vigilantly looked around again. The road ahead was dark until the end. He started walking quickly down the road.
The man watched George from the window. It was so dark outside that he was not visible to George. The man watching him turned from the window and walked away.
George was walking ahead speedily and the man followed him without coming into contact.

The man followed George and reached a cemetery. The trees had grown high and were densely packed around the cemetery. The owls sitting on the tree watched carefully. The wailing sound of a dog unsettled the environment. The man was not comfortable in this fearful surrounding. But he didn’t want to return unless he knew what George was after. As George entered the cemetery the man watched from behind the cemetery boundary wall, with an astonished expression on his face. George was digging a hole in the ground. He removed the doll from the bag, placed it in the hole. Again, he murmured something, filled the grave with soil and stood on it to flatten it down. 

....Sam was listening intently to the man sitting across from him.

“The next morning I could not believe my ears when I heard the news of Steven’s murder” the man concluded.

For a short while, nobody spoke.
The affair had taken a whole new turn now. 

“So you think he’s the killer? “ Sam asked, entering into his investigative mode. 

“ No. He is using black magic to execute murders because the night Paul was killed, he did the same thing” the man said.

“ Do you believe in all of this?” Sam asked, incredulous. 

“No, I don’t believe in it, but I know what I saw” the man replied.

Sam’s partner, who was listening from a distance, walked over to where Sam and the man were sitting.

“ I was sure from the beginning that the murderer was not a human force.  It must be some ghostly power” 

An awkward silence arrived. Everybody looked at each other.

“ Now he has made a new doll...” the man said.

... continued ...

Original Novel by Sunil Doiphode
English Version by Adam Hughes


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