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Horror Novel - Aghast CH-28 Ronald

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Chapter 28

As soon as Eric had finished, Sam got up and headed for Ronald's house. 
After so much caution, what is it that gets Ronald killed? ...
Already, the image of San’s team was on the verge of being disgraced...
And this time, Sam had been damn sure about the success of the plan...
Because it was impossible to escape from six moving cameras...
Then what went wrong?..
As Sam's vehicle was driving so fast on the road, his thoughts were also running with the same speed. 

Sam arrived and entered the bedroom. Ronald’s dead body was lying on the bed, blood spread everywhere. Detective Sam inspected the body and the room. The investigation team were already on the scene. They were busy, searching rigorously. Richard and Eric were also there. 

"Any clues?" Sam asked.

"No, sir" His partner replied.

Sam went around the room, inspecting carefully. He bent down and checked under the bed. Suddenly, he jumped backwards. He saw two shining eyes staring at him from under the bed. The eyes started coming closer to him. Suddenly, the eyes came abruptly to him as the thing jumped onto him. He defended himself by bending aside. It was a black cat, collar on her neck. She came out and ran out of the door. The cat stopped outside the door, turned, and looked back. There was an anxious silence in the room. The cat stared at Sam for few moments and darted away.
A few moments passed without any conversation.

"That was the cat, sir'' Richard broke the silence in the room.

"Where is the transmission box?" Sam asked. 

" Sir, right here" Eric pointed to one of the corners.

A box had fallen on the ground. 
Sam went over to the box and picked it up. It was broken. He studied it, upside down and held onto it. Something at the bedroom door suddenly caught his attention. 
He went over to it. The door was broken and the latch was locked with chains from the inside. 

"Jeff, come here" Sam called out.

Jeff went over to him. 

"Look and tell me now what your theory says?  How the latch would have been locked with chain on after the murder is executed" Sam asked, pointing at the latch locked with the chain. 

Jeff carefully observed and said, 
" Sir, I am getting convinced."

" About? "

" There must be some inhuman, invisible powers in these murders" Jeff said, absorbed in his thoughts, looking into the void. 

Everybody looked at him with a bewildered look. 

... continued ...

Original Novel by Sunil Doiphode
English Version by Adam Hughes


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