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Chapter 26

What was happening inside George's house was visible from his window. Today, he was sitting in front of the fireplace. He kept aside the doll, bowed against the fireplace and rubbed his forehead on the ground. During all this, he was continuously chanting something. After a while, he got up and made a strange shrieking sound. It was so unexpected that Sam, his partner and the man standing at the window jumped. Then an eerie silence followed. They shared a puzzled look.

"Mr. Ronald Parker, it’s your turn now” George said to the doll, picking it up.

Suddenly the doorbell rang. George looked towards the door. He held back the doll, placing it where it was before on the ground and came to the front door and opened it. Sam and his partner were standing at the door. The third person that brought them there seemed to have vanished. 

“Mr. Collins, I am arresting you on the suspicion of the murder of Steven Smith and Paul Roberts. You have the right to remain silent but anything you say can and will be used against in the court of law" Detective Sam declared as the door opened. 

No emotions appeared on George's face. He came forward calmly. 
Before placing any handcuffs on George, Sam decided to ask him a few questions. 
"Who else stays here with you?”.

" I live alone" George answered.

"But according to our sources, your father also lives here" George stated. 

" Yes, he used to ... but now he has gone"

" Oh. I am so sorry. When did it happen?"

" After we got the bad news about Nancy, he died just a few days later"

" I see. Do you know Steven and Paul personally?" Sam was trying to remain on topic.

" Yes I do... I know those bastards very well" George said with great rage. .

Sam noted one thing. As soon as he mentioned Steven and Paul, the hatred and the anger towards them was clearly visible on George's face. In fact, he didn't even try to hide it. 
Now Sam decided to directly come to the point,

" Did you murder Steven and Paul?"

" Yes I did" He said plainly.

Sam was expecting some resistance but George agreed without any hesitation. 

"How did you do it?" 

"With the help of the black magic I had" George said.

Before, Sam felt that George was mad, from his appearance. But now, he was sure of it. 

"Can you show us how you can kill somebody with your black magic right now?” Sam said with sarcasm.

" Why should I kill anybody? I only kill those who are my enemies."

" Who is next on your list?" 

" It's Ronald's turn"

" Can you kill him right here, right now?" Sam said, trying to expose him and his black magic. 

" Not now. I will kill him when his time comes" He said.

Listening to his responses, Sam did not want to continue the conversation. They came forward to cuff him. This time also he cooperated without any hesitation. 

Sam was dam sure that either this man is a mad or extremely wise...
But what if it's true what he says? ...
The thought stroke Sam's mind, for a moment...
No... How is it possible?...
He shook off the thought from his mind.

Detective Sam’s partner left George in the prison and came out. He locked the door. Sam was standing outside. 
As Sam and his partner were returning, George cried loudly, " You are insane. ... The magic will work even if you put me behind bars. " 

Sam and his partner stopped, turned and looked at him.
Sam was feeling pity about him.
Anybody would behave whimsical as him, when his sister is killed in such a brutal way... 
Sam thought and continued further with his partner. After they walked some distance, again Sam turned and looked at George. Now George bent on the ground and rubbed his forehead on the ground, murmuring something. 

" Keep an eye on him... I don’t want him to have any visitors. " Sam instructed.

" Yes sir." Sam's partner said obediently.

... continued ...

Original Novel by Sunil Doiphode
English Version by Adam Hughes


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  1. Though Sam isn't a superstition he doesn't wanna take George lightly who is so confident about his black magic n its powers to send his sister's killers to their doom...!!


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