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English Entertainment - Novels - Aghast CH 32 One more twist

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Chapter 32

Sam was sitting across from Detective Templeton, who had handled John’s death.
Detective Templeton started to provide information about the case:                                                                                     

"His death has occurred due to bronchitis and heavy drinking." 

"How did you know it was him?" Sam asked.

"The room in which his body was found, we found some documents too. These confirmed that he was John Carter. Also, one of his photographs circulated by Detective Baker to all police stations came to us..." Detective Templeton then removed a photograph from his drawer and placed it in front of Sam. 

"This photograph and the information sent by Detective Baker made our job easy when trying to find John's address and relatives" Templeton said.

"Have you contacted his parents?" Sam asked.

" Yes, we have called his parents. They have identified him as their son. Post-mortem also have identified him as John Carter, 22." Templeton said.

" When did he die? I mean how many days before you found him dead?" Sam asked.

" According to the post-mortem, it must have been early March" the officer said.

"March?!" Sam pondered over and realized, "Shit! Around the time the first murder was executed. ...That means he is not the killer." 

"It seems" Templeton agreed.

Some time passed without any conversation. 
It means the thing that Sam doubted is going to be true...
When Sam had received information about John Carter from his partner, he was very happy...
He had thought, at last, once and for all, the case was going to be solved. The killer was going to be caught. 
But today, the case had taken one more twist. 
Looking at the death time of John Carter, there was no chance at all of him being the killer. 

"If John Carter is not killer, then who is ?" Sam asked, almost to himself.

All the people present in the office looked at one other with apprehensive silence as none of them knew the answer. 

Detective Templeton removed one more photograph from his drawer and placed it in front of Sam. Sam picked it up and looked closely at it for a while. It was the photograph of John Carter on the ground and the writing in blood on the ground in front of him. 

It read, “I am sorry Nancy, I could not save you. But you don’t worry I shall have revenge.” 

Sam had understood why Detective Templeton wanted to show him the photograph. 

"I am just sick of hearing that there is the involvement of some ghostly powers in these murders. Did you want to say the same thing to me by showing me the photograph?" Sam asked Templeton.

The detective looked at Sam and his partner's face alternatively.

"No. I don't want to say anything. I just wanted to bring it to your notice how the message written on the floor and the incidences happening are matching exactly” Templeton said. 

... continued ...

Original Novel by Sunil Doiphode
English Version by Adam Hughes


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