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ENovels - Aghast CH 35 The trap

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Chapter 35

Sam stood at the stand on the podium, facing the audience sitting in front of him. 
In front of him, sitting, was Christopher, other police officers and his partner. 

"We have an idea on how the killer may be executing the murders." Sam took a pause and regarded his audience.

"Therefore, we have devised a plan to get the killer as well as to protect the killer’s next target, Christopher. Now, I don’t think that there is any way for the killer to escape" Sam said confidently.

" Last time you said the same thing and yet he was still able to kill Ronald" Christopher said bitterly.

" Mr. Anderson, I think that first you should see the plan and then make a judgement" Sam snapped.

Sam switched on the projector. On the screen, a diagram appeared.

"Until now, the killer was probably using an animal, a cat, to execute the murders. I mean, I know it sounds ridiculous but I am sure about it" Sam said.

There were some sniggers in the crowd. Sam again pressed a key. On the screen, a clipart picture of a cat and a man working on computer appeared. 

"The killer sitting here at the computer probably gave instructions, which were then transmitted with wireless technology, as we see a cat with a belt on its neck. There must be a receiver hidden in the belt, which could probably receive those instructions. Then those instructions must have been sent to the cat’s brain. Following those instructions, the cat must be attacking the victim and I am damn sure that the murders executed till now must have been executed in the same way." 

Sam, again, operated a handheld wireless mouse lasered pointer. The screen went blank. 

"This is how the killer is operating. Now, about our plan..." Sam then took a deep breath and put aside the remote. 

"The plan is divided into two parts" Sam continued, judging the reaction of the audience. 

"The first part is to detect the cat and trace the origin of its signals. This way, we will be able to locate the killer." Again, Sam took a pause for few moments and continued. 

"The second part, we will prohibit the cat to reach the victim i.e. Christopher’s bedroom, so that he will be protected." 

Sam picked up the remote again and operated the mouse button. 
On the screen, the layout of a house appeared. 

"This is Christopher’s house’s layout. We are going to divide the house into two regions." Sam pointed towards two concentric circles in the diagram with the laser beam.

“See, in this diagram, the first outer circle represents the first region and the inner concentric circle represents the second region.” Sam was pointing at the circles alternatively. 

Sam then steadied the pointer on the outer concentric circles shown in the diagram.                                                                 

“When the cat enters this outer region, we will be able to know its presence because we have fixed the trackers here and the signal detector.”

Sam stopped moving the laser pointer and fiddled with the device in his hand. 

“The signal tracer will find out the origin of the signal. Once we get the origin, we will be able to locate the killer and be able to catch him red handed” Sam said.

The detective started pointing the laser on the inner concentric circles in the diagram.                                                                

“When the cat reaches this inner second region, the signal blockers fixed there will block the instructions sent by the killer. Then he will not have any control over the cat.” 

After he finished, Sam regarded the mob sitting in front of him. The officers seemed to be convinced by the plan, disregarding any doubt from before. 
Sam looked in particular at Christopher.  
                                                                                                                                    “Do you have any questions Christopher?”

Christopher shrugged, as he seemed to be unconvinced with the plan.                                                                                       

“Let’s see” was his pessimistic reply.

In fact, he was very much disturbed and upset inside and was not in mood to understand the plan. It was quite obvious as he could see his name clearly next on the killer’s list. 

Sam looked at his team and instructed,“So come on! Let's go and get to work.”

... continued ...

Original Novel by Sunil Doiphode
English Version by Adam Hughes


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